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Jō's Feraligatr

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[[Professor Elm]] gave Jou a Feraligatr when it was a Totodile. Since then, the two became good friends and were willing to work with each other. Totodile's first battle was against [[Falkner]]'s {{p|Pidgey}} where it managed to defeat Pidgey, earning the {{badge|Zephyr}} for its Trainer. Totodile then battled a wild {{p|Bellsprout}} and won. After the battle, it took on {{OBP|Tsubaki|JBA}}'s {{p|Chikorita}}. After a long and tough battle, it managed to defeat Chikorita.
Totodile came to Jou's rescue when a [[Red Gyarados]] was about to attack him and [[Lance]]. Rigorous then participated in a Double Battle where it allied with [[Lance's Dragonite]] against [[Ariana]] and [[Petrel]]. During the battle, the Red Gyarados comes by and acts friendly toward Totodile, bonding a friendship between the two and Jou.
Totodile evolved into a Croconaw and again into a Feraligatr sometime before Professor Elm got a phone call. When Jou was at Mt. Silver, Feraligatr was sent out to battle multiple {{p|Golbat}}, a {{p|Sneasel}} and an {{p|Ursaring}}. Feraligatr was last seen where it was about to battle {{ga|Red's Pikachu}}.
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