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"The mascot of Pokémon Y"?
::It was "pretty obvious" that Alomomola was the evolution of Luvdisc, but that turned out to be bunk, too. We shouldn't be making any assumptions about any of the Pokémon that have been revealed so far. It doesn't matter if they WILL be; there's been no announcement about it so far, so the information shouldn't be up yet. [[User:Starscream|Starscream]] ([[User talk:Starscream|talk]]) 02:34, 11 January 2013 (UTC)
:*Starscream does have a point though, but they probably will end up being mascots at least. ----[[User:NateVirus|<span style="color:blue">NateVirus</span>]]<small>''([[User talk:NateVirus|<span style="color:green">Talk</span>]]''|''[[Special:Contributions/NateVirus|<span style="color:red">Contributions</span>]]''</small>) 20:44, 10 January 2013 (UTC)
:::I feel like they wouldn't have released a game called "Pokémon Y," have one of the only five Pokémon in the promotional video clearly be a legendary, make it shaped like a giant Y, and later reveal its name to start with a Y, without it being the mascot. --'''[[User:Zewis29|<span style="color:green;">Zewis</span>]] [[User talk:Zewis29|<span style="color:blue;">(29)</span>]]''' 03:38, 11 January 2013 (UTC)
== Possible Future Trivia? Or Origin? Maybe, maybe not? ==