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[[Image:Ash and friends 1.jpg|thumb|It's the twerps!]]
[[Ash Ketchum|Ash]] is the '''twerp''', (Japanese: '''じゃりボーイ''' ''jari-boy'') according to [[Jessie]], [[James]] and [[Meowth (Team Rocket)|Meowth]]. Collectively, Ash and [[Ash's friends|his friends]] are the '''twerps'''. The term can be extended to virtually anyone who associates with Ash and isn't on Team Rocket's side. They rarely, if ever, refer to the twerps by their actual names. In fact, almost always, the only times when Team Rocket calls Ash and his friends by their true name is when they are in disguises or when Ash and Team Rocket are force to work together. This seems to be more out of disrespect than because they don't remember the names of the twerps.
When they want to refer to Ash individually, they will call him just "the twerp". However, if they want to refer to his friends individually, they will use a variation on this. For example, their nickname for [[Brock]] is "the big twerp". Also when referring to [[May (anime)|May]] or [[Dawn (anime)|Dawn]], Jessie will sometimes refer to them as '''twerpette''' (Japanese: '''じゃりガール''' ''jari-girl''), the feminine version of "twerp".