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The episode begins with our heroes walking happily along a path in the middle of a forest<!--http://www. {{an|May}} is very excited about the Contest, which {{Ash}} says that she'll do great inpokemon. May talks about the exciting new challenges she will face in [[Kanto]]'s Contest Halls, and a vision of [[Drew]] appears in her mind com/us/pokemon-episodes/08_48-hail-to remind her that she's not alone in her dream. Suddenly, {{TP|May|Munchlax}} pops out of its [[Poké Ball]] and starts to smell -the air. Obviously smelling something delicious, Munchlax starts to run off in search of the source of the smell. May tells Munchlax to slow down, and runs off after her Pokémon.-chef/-->
<i>Chasing after a hungry Munchlax, Ash and his friends end up at Rhonda's, a restaurant run by a girl named Rhonda with Mr. Mime as its head chef. Team Rocket stumbles across another restaurant, Rhoda's, run by a girl named Rhoda with Sneasel as its head chef. Meowth quickly takes a disliking to Sneasel, but Jessie and James want it for Team Rocket.
MunchlaxBack isnat Rhonda'ts, theMr. onlyMime oneputs hungryon however,a asfantastic weshow findfor {{TRT}}Ash slowlyand walkingcompany, throughbut the samefood forest, tired andis starvingterrible. [[Jessie]]Over andat [[James]]Rhoda's, fallSneasel's tofood thelooks groundterrible, and Jessie complains how much hard workbut it istastes trackingfantastic—except Ashfor and {{ashfr}}. HoweverMeowth's, theirbecause attentionSneasel ispurposely broughtmade away from Ash as Jessie spots what appears to behim a restaurant not farhorrible awaymeal. The threetwo villainsstart instantlyto run towards the buildingfight, excitedbreaking atthrough the thoughtrestaurant of all the delicious food before Jessie stops themwall and remindsright Jamesinto and {{MTR}} that they have no moneyRhonda's. JamesRhonda and Meowth,Rhoda unableare toactually stoptwin insisters time,who slamsplit straight intoup the restaurant’sfamily doorrestaurant; andRhoda fallaccuses dejectedly onto the floor. The door opensRhonda, and athey prettychallenge girleach greetsother themto andsee inviteswho themdeserves in,to saying her name is [[Rhoda]]. Rhoda says that today is her restaurant's grand opening and all ofrun the meals are free, to Team Rocket's delightplace.
BackTeam toRocket thecoaches heroes,Sneasel wewhile findBrock Munchlaxadvises hasMr. found what it was looking forMime, and hasafter stoppeda innight's frontpractice of what appears to be another restaurant. May blushes and says that she knows how Munchlax feels... sheit's hungrytime Theallez doorscuisine! open, and a girl and her {{p|Mr. Mime}}'s smilepresentation andis welcome them ingreat, sayingbut hernow nameSneasel isalso {{ka|Rhonda}}.puts [[Max]]on eyesa the Mrshow. MimeIt withlooks interest,like anda theclose girlbattle explainsuntil thatTeam theRocket Mr. Mime issteals the chefchefs ofand thePikachu restaurant.too! TheTeam girlRocket goeshops ontoin explainstheir thatballoon theyto will not only getmake a good mealgetaway, but anRhonda amazingtells performanceMr. tooMime asto theuse PokémonTrick canand cook with stylePsychic. {{an|Brock}},This asfrees usual,all proclaimsthree his love for the girlPokémon, who nervouslyhead smileshome and triessend toTeam findRocket apacking tablealong for them. Brock then has a fantasy of them sitting alone together, with a delicious meal before Maxthe interruptsway.
WhileImpressed, {{Ash}}Rhoda and his friends have just foundleaves the Mr. Mime restaurant, Team Rocket is already inside and sitting down at the one they discovered. It seems that much like the one belonging to Rhonda, the chef is also a Pokémon. ThisBut time,Rhonda a Sneasel. As they sit down, the girl mentions a Pokémon Contest, and Jessie's interest perks up. {{MTR}} says that Jessie is interested in Contests too, andmakes Rhoda instantly runs back, shocked at the talking Pokémon. Jessie explains that that was just their stomachs growlingco-manager and tells Rhoda that she is a top coordinator. Rhoda instantly runs back over toSneasel the group, excited at meeting such a famous person. She suddenly remembers that she must get the menu, and runs off, apologizing. Over at the kitchen, the Pokémonhead chef,; {{p|Sneasel}},with lookseveryone onworking snickering to itself. The group looks overtogether, noticing the Sneaselrestaurant foris thenow firstbetter time.than Meowthever! beginsAnd toafter talka again,wonderful and Jessie hits himmeal, telling the cat to keep its mouth shut so as not to scare the girl off again, especially if they want free food. The Sneasel laughs again, this time at Meowth,Ash and Meowthhis becomesfriends angrycan athappily Sneaselcontinue andon mocks it. The two Pokémon argue and insult each other, but are stopped when Rhoda comes back in with the menu. She explains that her Sneasel is an amazing cook, and Jessie and James become excited at the prospect of tasting some oftheir itway.</i>
Back with Ash and friends, we find them sitting inside Rhonda's restaurant waiting for the performance to start. The curtains are pulled back and the group looks on in wonder at all the cooking equipment. Rhonda tells Mr. Mime to start, and the Psychic Pokémon does so, using its Psychic abilities to cook, stir, and chop the ingredients.==Plot==
As the group walks along a path in the middle of a forest, {{an|May}} expresses her excitement about the upcoming [[Saffron City]] [[Pokémon Contest]], which {{Ash}} says that she'll do great in. May talks about the exciting new challenges she will face in [[Kanto]]'s [[Contest Hall]]s, and a vision of [[Drew]] appears in her mind to remind her that she is not alone in her dream. Suddenly, {{TP|May|Munchlax}} pops out of its {{i|Poké Ball}}, starts to smell something delicious the air, and then runs off in search of its source. May tells Munchlax to slow down, and runs off after her Pokémon. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} is seen slowly walking through the same forest, tired and starving. [[Jessie]] and [[James]] fall to the ground, and Jessie complains how much hard work it is tracking Ash and {{ashfr}}. However, their attention is brought away from Ash as Jessie spots what appears to be a restaurant not far away. The three villains instantly run towards the building, excited at the thought of all the delicious food before Jessie stops them and reminds James and {{MTR}} that they have no money. James and Meowth, unable to stop in time, slam straight into the restaurant's door and fall dejectedly onto the floor. The door opens and a pretty girl greets them and invites them in, saying her name is [[Rhoda]]. Rhoda says that today is her restaurant's grand opening and all of the meals are free, to Team Rocket's delight.
SneaselMeanwhile, Munchlax has alreadyfound finishedwhat cookingit itswas meallooking howeverfor, whichand seemshas tostopped consistin front of awhat simpleappears meatto dishbe withanother saucerestaurant. TeamMay Rocketblushes lookand on, a little underwhelmed having been toldsays that Sneaselshe wasknows anhow amazingMunchlax cheffeels. JamesThe tries adoors littleopen, and hea starts to blushgirl and marvelher at{{p|Mr. howMime}} delicioussmile theand foodwelcome actuallythem, Jessieintroducing triesherself someas too,{{OBP|Rhonda|AG141}}. and agrees, with her[[Max]] eyes becomingthe largeMr. andMime sparkly.with Meowthinterest, seeing that Jessie and Jamesthe seemgirl toexplains likethat it, triesthe someMr. HeMime doesn't haveis the samechef reaction however, and findsof the food disgustingrestaurant. AsThe theygirl finishgoes theironto firstexplains meal,that Rhodathey bringswill somenot moreonly food,get thisa timegood meatballs.meal, Jessiebut andan Jamesamazing tryperformance some,too andas oncethe againPokémon findcan thecook foodwith deliciousstyle. Meowth{{an|Brock}}, dumps his meatballs down his throat all in oneas biteusual, but is forced to drink all ofproclaims his waterlove as he findsfor the food alarmingly hot. Suspecting that some trickery is afootgirl, hewho stealsnervously one of Jessie's meatballssmiles and eats it. Expecting it to taste horrible, he's shockedtries to find howa delicioustable itfor isthem. MeowthBrock instantlythen becomeshas angrya however,fantasy asof hethem realizessitting thatalone Sneaseltogether, mustwith havea madedelicious his foodmeal nastybefore onMax purposeinterrupts.
UnlikeWhile Sneasel's{{Ash}} ratherand plain-lookinghis food,friends thehave mealjust thatfound the Mr. Mime hasrestaurant, cookedTeam upRocket looksis already deliciousinside and extremelysitting edible.down Theat groupthe looksone on,they amazeddiscovered. atIt suchseems anthat appealingmuch Thethe groupone digsbelonging into asRhonda, soonthe aschef theiris dishesalso area served,Pokémon. butThis instantlytime, falla backSneasel. inAs theirthey chairs.sit Even Munchlaxdown, whothe wouldgirl eatmentions nearlythe anythingSaffron Contest, fallsand overJessie's ininterest dismayperks up. It{{MTR}} seemssays that whileJessie theis foodinterested looksin delicious,Pokémon itContests actually tastes disgusting. Rhonda apologizestoo, and justRhoda atinstantly thatruns momentback, Meowthshocked comesat crashingthe throughtalking thePokémon. wallJessie followedexplains bythat Sneasel.that Thewas twojust Pokémontheir arestomachs fighting,growling and Rhoda desperately tells SneaselRhoda tothat stop,she butis toa no[[Top availCoordinator]]. SneaselRhoda jumpsinstantly pastruns her,back knockingover herto overthe andgroup, intoexcited Brock'sat armsmeeting whosuch mistakesa herfamous for Rhondaperson. TheShe realsuddenly Rhondaremembers thenthat runsshe up,must wonderingget whatthe hermenu, sisterand is doingruns hereoff, andapologizing. Brock looksOver at the twokitchen, twinsthe confusedPokémon beforechef, Rhoda{{p|Sneasel}}, explainslooks thaton shesnickering andto Rhondaitself. areThe twingroup sisters.looks Itover, seems thatnoticing the twoSneasel restaurants are part offor the samefirst building,time. butMeowth arebegins separatedto bytalk aagain, wall.and Jessie andhits Jameshim, walk throughtelling the holecat into thekeep wall,its andmouth theshut twoso groupsas are shockednot to seescare eachthe other.girl Rhodaoff thenagain, walksespecially overif tothey thewant mealfree that Rhonda's Mrfood. MimeThe createdSneasel andlaughs remarksagain, thatthis ittime looksat goodMeowth, butand doesn'tMeowth tastebecomes good.angry Sheat tellsSneasel herand sistermocks thatit. herThe two Pokémon focusesargue wayand tooinsult mucheach onother, puttingbut onare astopped showwhen insteadRhoda ofcomes makingback thein foodwith tastethe rightmenu. TheShe twoexplains sistersthat argueher overSneasel whetheris presentationan oramazing tastecook, isand mostJessie importantand inJames preparingbecome food.excited Meowthat thenthe stepsprospect inof andtasting suggestssome aof cooking competitionit.
ThatAsh nightand his friends are sitting inside Rhonda's restaurant, wewaiting findfor Teamthe Rocketperformance speakingto withstart. RhodaThe curtains are pulled back and the group looks on in wonder at all the cooking equipment. SheRhonda explainstells toMr. themMime thatto whilestart, and the foodPsychic herPokémon Sneaseldoes preparesso, isusing deliciousits Psychic abilities to cook, itstir, and chop the ingredients. Sneasel has problemsalready withfinished makingcooking its meal though; it lookseems soto andconsist worriesof thata itsimple cannotmeat putdish with sauce. Team Rocket look on, thea samelittle performanceunderwhelmed ashaving herbeen sister'stold Mrthat Sneasel was an amazing chef. MimeJames cantries a little, and he starts to blush and marvel at how delicious the food actually is. Jessie tries some too, and Jamesagrees, wonderwith ifher theyeyes couldbecoming help,large and Rhodasparkly. excitedlyMeowth, saysseeing that withJessie theand helpJames ofseem ato Toplike Coordinatorit, suchtries assome. JessieHe doesn't have the same reaction however, sheand cannotfinds the food faildisgusting. JessieAs smuglythey saysfinish thattheir shefirst willmeal, helpRhoda brings some more food, this time meatballs. Jessie and James lookstry onsome, confusedand atonce again find the food delicious. Meowth dumps his partner'smeatballs suddendown sensehis ofthroat goodall Jessieone bite, sensingbut this,is whispersforced into drink all of his earwater as he finds the food alarmingly hot. Suspecting that theysome cantrickery useis thisafoot, ashe ansteals excuseone toof stickJessie's aroundmeatballs and findeats ait. wayExpecting it to stealtaste Sneaselhorrible, Mrhe's shocked to find how delicious it is. MimeMeowth instantly becomes angry however, andas he realizes that Sneasel must have made his food nasty on Pikachupurpose.
MeanwhileUnlike Sneasel's rather plain-looking food, Ashthe andmeal friendsthat areMr. talkingMime tohas Rhonda,cooked whoup explainslooks thatdelicious sheand hasextremely theedible. oppositeThe ofgroup herlooks sister'son, problemamazed at such an appealing meal. WhileThe hergroup Pokémondigs canin makeas foodsoon lookas delicioustheir dishes are served, Mrbut instantly fall back in their chairs. MimeEven hasMunchlax, problemswho actuallywould makingeat itnearly tasteanything, goodfalls over in dismay. SheIt begsseems Brockthat towhile helpthe herfood improvelooks Mr.delicious, Mime'sit cookingactually tastes disgusting. Rhonda abilityapologizes, and Brockjust saysat that hemoment, understandsMeowth andcomes willcrashing helpthrough asthe muchwall asfollowed heby canSneasel. RhondaThe thankstwo himPokémon are fighting, and theyRhoda instantlydesperately gettells Sneasel to work.stop, Abut littleto later,no Mravail. MimeSneasel isjumps preparingpast someher, stewknocking underher over and into Brock's supervision.arms Mrwho mistakes her for Rhonda. Mime,The whoreal Rhonda then runs up, untilwondering what her sister is doing here, and Brock looks at the two twins confused before Rhoda explains that pointshe hadand beenRhonda stirringare twin sisters. It seems that the mealtwo restaurants are part of the same building, but are separated by itselfa wall. Jessie and James walk through the hole in the wall, triesand the two groups are shocked to usesee itseach Psychicother. powerRhoda then walks over to addthe flavoringmeal that Rhonda's Mr. BrockMime stopscreated and remarks that it howeverlooks good, explainingbut doesn't taste good. She tells her sister that ither mustPokémon relyfocuses way too much on itsputting ownon cookinga ability,show andinstead masterof making the artfood bytaste itselfright. withoutThe helptwo fromsisters itsargue Psychicover powers.whether Afterpresentation all,or it'staste tryingis tomost improveimportant itsin cookingpreparing ability,food. notMeowth putthen onsteps in and suggests a performancecooking competition.
AsThat Brocknight, explainsTeam thatRocket tospeaks Mr.with MimeRhoda, Jessiewho isexplains doingto them that while the samefood forher Sneasel. Havingprepares preparedis adelicious, hugeit blockhas ofproblems ice,with shemaking tellsit look so and worries that it cannot put on the Pokémonsame toperformance makeas aher sculpturesister's outMr. ofMime itcan. SneaselJessie doesand soJames wonder if they could help, slashingand atRhoda excitedly says that with the blockhelp of icea withTop itsCoordinator clawssuch toas makeJessie, anshe icecannot sculpturefail. ofJessie itself.smugly says that she will help, and James remarkslooks thaton, itconfused at his partner's rathersudden smallsense howeverof (smallergood thanwill. aJessie, saltsensing shaker even)this, aswhispers in his ear that they needcan magnifyinguse glassesthis as an excuse to seestick itaround and find a way to steal Sneasel, Mr. Mime, and Pikachu.
BackMeanwhile, withAsh and his friends are talking to Rhonda, who explains that she has the opposite of her sister's problem. While her Pokémon can make food look delicious, Mr. Mime has problems actually making it taste good. She begs Brock andto help her improve Mr. Mime's cooking ability, and Brock tellssays that he understands and will help as much as he can. Rhonda thanks him, and they instantly get to work. A little later, Mr. Mime tois tastepreparing thesome stew under Brock's supervision. Mr. Mime, who up until that point had been stirring the meal by itself, tries to checkuse ifits itPsychic needspower anyto extraadd flavoring. TeamBrock Rocketstops it however, areexplaining puttingthat it ridiculousmust makeuprely on Sneaselits own cooking ability, and gettingmaster the art by itself without help from its Psychic powers. After all, it's trying to tryimprove its cooking ability, not put on lotsa performance. As Brock explains that to Mr. Mime, Jessie is doing the same for Sneasel. Having prepared a huge block of differentice, stylishshe clothestells the Pokémon to make a sculpture out of it. Sneasel does so, slashing at the block of ice with its claws to make an ice sculpture of itself. James remarks that it's rather small however (smaller than a salt shaker even), as they need magnifying glasses to see it.
Back with Brock and Mr. Mime, Brock tells Mr. Mime to taste the stew to check if it needs any extra flavoring. Team Rocket however, are putting ridiculous makeup on Sneasel and getting it to try on lots of different, stylish clothes. The two Pokémon work throughout the night, perfecting their techniques. The next day, the competition begins, with Brock and Meowth acting as referees and Ash, May, Max, Jessie and James acting as the tasters. Brock explains that the object of the contest is to not only make a delicious meal, but to also put on a performance. He tells the two Pokémon to start, and they rush off to their respective food piles and start cooking. Jessie and James wish Sneasel luck, and Meowth does the same for Mr. Mime, but is stopped by Brock who tells him that he must remain neutral. The two groups look on amazed at the two Pokémon, who both seem to have perfected the things that the other could do.
The nextcontest day,soon thegets competitioninto beginsfull flow, withbut Brockis stopped when a black whip grabs hold of Sneasel, Pikachu, and MeowthMr. actingMime; asit refereesis Team Rocket. The three Pokémon are thrown into small cages and Ashthe two villains laugh. They start their {{motto}}, Maybut stop in the middle as they wait for Meowth to do his line. Jessie, Maxangry that their performance was stopped, Jessiewhips Meowth over and Jamesasks actingit why he didn't do his line. Meowth says that he was confused as theto tasterswhy they were helping Sneasel, and James tells him that that was just a ruse to get close to {{AP|Pikachu}}. BrockThey continue and finish their motto, with Meowth's spirit and confidence restored. Rhoda asks what they are doing, and Jessie explains that thethis objectwas oftheir theplan Contestall isalong. Rhonda tells Team Rocket to notgive onlyback makeher aand deliciousher mealsister's Pokémon, but toTeam alsoRocket putignore onthem and jump out of the window into a performanceballoon waiting for them. HeAsh, frustrated, tells thePikachu twoto Pokémonuse to{{m|Thunderbolt}}. startThe attack is useless however, as the cage is electricity-proof. May then sends out Combusken and theyBrock rushsends offout {{TP|Brock|Mudkip}} to theiruse respectivea foodcombination pilesof {{m|Fire Spin}} and start{{m|Water Gun}}, but Jessie laughs as the attacks cannot reach cookingthem. Jessie andstarts to mock them, twirling the key around her finger while James wishcries Sneaselhappily. Back on the luckground, Rhonda tells her sister to let her handle the situation, and Meowthshouts doesto Mr. Mime to get the samekey forwith {{m|Trick}}. Mr. Mime,'s butladle isends stoppedup bytwirling Brockaround whoJessie's tellsfinger himfor a moment before it smacks her in the head. Grinning, Max explains that heTrick mustswitches remainan neutralopponent's tools with your own. TheMr. twoMime groupsthen lookuses Psychic on amazedthe atkey to open the twowhole Pokémoncage, whoand boththe seemthree toPokémon havejump perfectedout, thebut thingsnot thatbefore Sneasel slices the otherballoon couldwith doits claws, which sends Team Rocket blasting off again.
The Contest soon gets into full flow, but is stopped when a black whip grabs hold of Sneasel, Pikachu, and Mr. Mime. It's Team Rocket, back to their old tricks. The three Pokémon areland thrown into small cagessafely, and the two villains laugh. They start their {{motto}},Trainers butrun stop in the middle as they wait for Meowthover to dothem his linehappily. Jessie,Rhoda angrytells thather their performance was stopped, whips Meowth over and asks it why he didn't do his line. Meowth sayssister that heshe wasis confused asgrateful to why they were helping Sneasel,her and Jamescontent tellswith himhanding thatfull thatcontrol was just a ruse to get close to {{AP|Pikachu}}. They continue and finishof their motto, with Meowthfather's spiritrestaurant andover confidenceto restoredRhonda. Rhoda asksapologizes whatto they are doingSneasel, and Jessie explains that this was their plan all along. Rhonda tells Teamher Rocketsister to give backdo her andbest. herAs sister'sRhoda Pokémon,walks but Team Rocket ignore them and jump out of the window into a balloon waiting for them. Ashoff, frustrated,Rhonda tellslooks Pikachu to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}. The attack is uselesson howeversadly, as the cage is electricity-proof. May then sends out Combusken and Brock sendscalls out {{TP|Brock|Mudkip}} to useher atwin combination of {{m|Fire Spin}} and {{m|Water Gun}}, but Jessie laughs as the attacks cannot reach themsister. JessieRhonda startssays tothat mockthere's them,no twirlingneed the key aroundfor her fingerto whileleave; Jamesthey criescan happily. Back onrun the ground, Rhonda tells her sister to let her handle therestaurant situationtogether, andas shoutsa to Mrteam. MimeThe toepisode get the keyends with {{m|Trick}}.the Mime'ssitting ladle ends up twirling around Jessie's finger for a moment before it smacks her ininside the Grinningrestaurant, Maxwhere explainsSneasel that Trick switches an opponent's tools with your own.and Mr. Mime thenare useshappily Psychicworking on the keytogether to opencreate thea wholemeal cage, andfor the threewhole Pokémongroup jump out, but not before Sneasel slices the balloon with its claws, which sends Team Rocket blasting offto againenjoy.
The three Pokémon land safely, and their Trainers run over to them happily. Rhoda tells her sister that she is grateful to her and content with handing full control of their father's restaurant over to Rhonda. Rhoda apologizes to Sneasel, and tells her sister to do her best. As Rhoda walks off, Rhonda looks on sadly, and calls out to her twin sister. Rhonda says that there's no need for her to leave; they can run the restaurant together, as a team.
The episode ends with the group sitting inside the now-combined restaurant, where Sneasel and Mr. Mime are happily working together to create a meal for the whole group to enjoy.
==Major events==
====Pokémon debuts====
* [[James]]
* [[Rhoda]]
* {{KaOBP|Rhonda|AG141}}
* [[Drew]] (fantasy)
* {{p|Munchlax}} ({{OP|May|Munchlax}})
* {{p|Mudkip}} ({{OP|Brock|Mudkip}})
* {{p|Mr. Mime}} ({{kaOBP|Rhonda|AG141}}'s)
* {{p|Sneasel}} ([[Rhoda]]'s)
* When Team Rocket{{TRT}} is in their balloon after capturing the three Pokémon, the song that [[Jessie]] sings to mock the people on the ground is to the tune of the series' ending theme, ''[[Pokémon Counting Song]]''.
* ''[[Exciting Pokémon Relay]]'' was used in the cooking competition scenes.
* NearlyThis ais weekthe before thisfinal episode's debut,which {{p|Weavile}}[[Lindsey andWarner]] {{p|Mimevoices Jr.}}[[Brock's names were released. They happen to be the evolved form and pre-evolved form of the two main Pokémon in this episodeMudkip]].
* ThisNearly episodea nameweek isbefore athis punepisode ofdebuted in {{pmin|the phraseUnited States}}, "Hail{{p|Weavile}} and {{p|Mime Jr.}}'s names were released. They happen to be the Chief!"evolved form and pre-evolved form of the two main Pokémon in this episode.
* The episode's title is a pun of the name of the {{wp|honors music|presidential anthem}} of the {{wp|United States}}, "{{wp|Hail to the Chief}}".
* This is the [[EP265|second time]] that {{MTR}} has been worried about being replaced by a {{p|Sneasel}}.
* In the end of their {{motto}}, Team Rocket are standing on a CGI animated food portion.
* The ending credits list [[Jessie's Seviper]] and [[James's Cacnea]] as being in the episode, when in fact they never appeared.
* In one scene during the {{motto}}, [[James]]'s hair is not completely drawn and colored.
* FoodIn canone beshot, seen on {{Ash}} and company's table in one shot as they are wondering when {{p|Mr. Mime}}'s show will begin, i.e., beforeand they arewill be served food, even though food is already on the table. ItThe food disappears in the shotnext right afterwardsshot.
* In the {{pmin|Latin America}}n dub, Mr. Mime is called "Señor Mime". This previously happened in ''[[SS004|Showdown at the Oak Corral]]'' and ''[[AG132|The Scheme Team]]''.
===Dub edits===
====[[Pokémon Trainer's Choice]]====
* Question: Trainers, which Pokémon is not a {{typet|Flying}} type?
* Choices: {{p|Swellow}}, {{p|Dustox}}, {{p|Masquerain}}
* Answer: OK, Trainers! If you chose {{p|Dustox}}, you were right!
|zh_cmn={{tt|狃拉與吸盤魔偶!餐廳屬於誰的!?|Sneasel vs. Mr. Mime! Who Owns the Restaurant!?}}
|nl={{tt|Voor het keukenblok!|For the Kitchen!}}
|da={{tt|For mange kokke!|Too many cooks!}}
|de={{tt|Duell am Herd!|Duel at the cooker!}}
|fi={{tt|Hurraa kokille!|Hooray to the chef!}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Un combat de chefs|A battle of chefs}}
|he={{tt|קרב השפים|The Battle of the Chefs}}
|hi=खाना और खज़ाना {{tt|''Khaana aur Khazana''|Food and Treasure}}{{tt|*|Disney XD dub}}
|it={{tt|Gara di cucina|Bake-off}}
|ko={{tt|마임맨과 포푸니의 요리 대결!|Mr. Mime and Sneasel's Cooking Showdown!}}
|no={{tt|Hyllest til kokken!|Hail to the chef!}}
|pt_br={{tt|Salve o Chefe!|Save the Chef!}}
|ru={{tt|Слава шеф-повару|Hail the chef}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Vivan los chefs!|Long live the chefs!}}
|es_eu={{tt|Felicitaciones al chef|FelicitacionesCongratulations alto the chef}}
|sv={{tt|Länge leve kocken!|Long live the chef!}}
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