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Set list: The Alph Litographs aren't holo
| enrelease = August 18, 2010
| deck1 = {{TCG|Daybreak}}
| deck1type = {{eene|Psychic}}{{eene|Grass}}
| deck2 = {{TCG|Nightfall}}
| deck2type = {{eene|Metal}}{{eene|Darkness}}
| altname = Pokémon Card Game LEGEND 2
| jacards = 8081
| jasetnum = 44
| jarelease = February 11, 2010
| janextsetname = Clash at the Summit
'''Pokémon TCG: ''HS - Undaunted''''' (Japanese: '''よみがえる伝説''' ''Reviving Legends'') is the name given to the third main expansion of cards offrom the English ''HeartGold & SoulSilver'' eraSeries of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. The Japanese release is the second of the LEGEND era.
== Information Description==
* ''The Englishgreatest releaseTrainers ofare thisthose expansionwho are fearless containsin the remainderface of battle. And that's you! In the RevivingPokémon LegendsTCG: HS—Undaunted expansion, theyou'll Standarddiscover Constructionbattle-ready Decks,Pokémon thejust fourwaiting remainingto cardsbe fromsummoned by the {{TCG|Battlefearless StarterTrainer Decks}}in you! The powerful Rayquaza and Deoxys become a Pokémon LEGEND to be reckoned with...six Pokémon—from Raichu to Umbreon to Slowking—join the {{TCG|Leafeonranks vsof MetagrossPokémon ExpertPrime...and Deck}},Stadium ascards welllike asthe multipleRuins Japaneseof {{TCG|L-PAlph Promotionaland Trainer cards}} like Legend Box change every player's strategy. Are you ready to be Undaunted?''
* Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND and Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND originate from the next Japanese expansion, {{TCG|Clash at the Summit}}, causing the English release of this card to be only one month after its Japanese release.
==Theme decksInformation==
==='''Undaunted''' is the third expansion of cards in the HeartGold & SoulSilver Series of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. It features {{TCG|Darkness}} and {{ct|Metal}} Pokémon and was released in English on August 18, 2010. The Japanese equivalent release, '''Reviving Legends''', was released earlier in the year, on February 11, 2010, and is the second LEGEND Era expansion. Released the same day in Japan were the {{TCG|Tyranitar Constructed Standard Deck|Tyranitar}} and {{TCG|Steelix Constructed Standard Deck}}s. The expansion and two decks=== together introduce Darkness and Metal Pokémon to the Japanese LEGEND Era, in addition to featuring the [[Legendary beasts]] as brand new, dual-type {{TCG|Pokémon LEGEND}} cards. All releases continue featuring artwork from around the [[Johto]] region, and release the first {{TCG|Stadium card}}s of the HeartGold & SoulSilver Series and LEGEND Era.
===The English release of this expansion is primarily made up of most of the {{TCG|Reviving Legends}} expansion and the Japanese {{TCG|Tyranitar Constructed Standard Deck|Tyranitar}} and {{TCG|Steelix Constructed Standard Deck}}s, as well as the four remaining cards from the {{TCG|Battle Starter Decks}} and the {{TCG|Leafeon vs Metagross Expert Deck}}, and six {{TCG|L-P Promotional cards}}. Due to the Japanese set's Pokémon LEGEND being released one English expansion earlier in {{TCG|Unleashed}}, Undaunted pulls {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND|87}} and {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND|89}} forward from the next Japanese expansion, {{TCG|Clash at the Summit}}. Thus, these four LEGEND pieces were released in English only one month after their Japanese decks===release.
*{{TCG|Steelix Constructed Standard Deck}}
*{{TCG|Tyranitar Constructed Standard Deck}}
==CardReviving lists==Legends contains 4 {{TCG|Pokémon Prime}} cards—{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Kingdra|15}}, {{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Lanturn|20}}, {{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Tyranitar|44}}, and {{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Steelix|47}}—''all'' of which were not released in Undaunted and were released one set earlier in {{TCG|Unleashed}} instead, alongside the six Reviving Legends LEGEND pieces ({{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Entei & Raikou LEGEND|63}}, {{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Suicune & Entei LEGEND|65}}, and {{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Raikou & Suicune LEGEND|67}}). The English release, instead, takes the two Pokémon Prime from the {{TCG|Tyranitar Constructed Standard Deck|Tyranitar}} and {{TCG|Steelix Constructed Standard Deck}}s, and four {{TCG|L-P Promotional cards|Promotional}} Pokémon Prime to release the standard amount of six Pokémon Prime per release. These Pokémon are {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Espeon|81}}, {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Houndoom|82}}, {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Raichu|83}}, {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Scizor|84}}, {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Slowking|85}}, {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Umbreon|86}}.
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Undaunted also features the {{p|Eevee}} evolutionary family. {{p|Espeon}} and {{p|Umbreon}} are the spotlighted Pokémon for this expansion's two {{TCG|Theme Deck}}s: {{TCG|Daybreak}} and {{TCG|Nightfall}}. Both of these two [[Eeveelution]]s also appear as Pokémon Prime, and were the Pokémon featured on this expansion's Prerelease sleeves. However, {{p|Glaceon}} does not receive a card, due to the {{p|Leafeon}} and one of the Eevee originated from the {{TCG|Leafeon vs Metagross Expert Deck}}. The other five evolutions originated from the Reviving Legends expansion, which did not feature Leafeon or Glaceon, due to the fact that they cannot be obtained in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} without trading them from {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} or {{game|Platinum}}. Thus, all Eeveelutions but Glaceon were in the English release.
The {{TCG|Prerelease cards|Prerelease promo}} for this set is {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Leafeon|17}}. Officially, the English release of the set contains 90 cards. Between alternate Holofoils, promotional stamps, Reverse Holofoils, and {{TCG|Secret card}}s, the set contains 183 cards. A list of the non standard cards can be seen below.
{{Setlist/header|title=Additional cards|tablecol=B69E00|bordercol=766700|cellcol=CE0B13|promo=yes|symbol=no}}
{{Setlist/entry|1/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Bellossom|1}}|Grass|||Non Holo {{TCG|Daybreak}} theme deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|2/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Espeon|2}}|Psychic|||Cracked Ice Holo {{TCG|Daybreak}} theme deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|2/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Espeon|2}}|Psychic|||Non Holo {{TCG|Daybreak}} theme deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|4/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Gliscor|4}}|Fighting|||Cracked Ice Holo {{TCGMerch|Black & White|Series|Stage 1 Blisters}} exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|5/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Houndoom|5}}|Darkness|||Crosshatch Holo {{TCG|Pokémon League}} Disc Catch Season (March 2011)}}
{{Setlist/entry|9/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Togekiss|9}}|Colorless|||Non Holo {{TCG|Daybreak}} theme deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|10/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Umbreon|10}}|Darkness|||Cracked Ice Holo {{TCG|Nightfall}} theme deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|10/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Umbreon|10}}|Darkness|||Non Holo {{TCG|Nightfall}} theme deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|17/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Leafeon|17}}|Grass|||"Undaunted" stamp {{TCG|Prerelease cards|Prerelease promo}}}}
{{Setlist/entry|17/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Leafeon|17}}|Grass|||Staff "Undaunted" stamp {{TCG|Prerelease cards|Prerelease promo}}}}
{{Setlist/entry|79/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Darkness Energy|79}}|Energy|Darkness||Crosshatch Holo {{TCG|Pokémon League}} Disc Catch Season (March 2011)}}
{{Setlist/entry|80/90|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Metal Energy|80}}|Energy|Metal||Crosshatch Holo {{TCG|Pokémon League}} Block Smash Season (February 2011)}}
==Set lists==
{| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="multicol" style="width:100%"
{{Setlist/entry|89/90|[[Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND (Undaunted 89)|Rayquaza & Deoxys]] {{LEGEND}}|Colorless|Psychic|Rare Holo LEGEND|}}
{{Setlist/entry|90/90|[[Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND (Undaunted 90)|Rayquaza & Deoxys]] {{LEGEND}}|Colorless|Psychic|Rare Holo LEGEND|}}
{{Setlist/entry|THREE|{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Alph Lithograph|THREE}}|Trainer||Rare Holo|}}
{{Setlist/entry|067/080|[[Raikou & Suicune LEGEND (Reviving Legends 67)|Raikou & Suicune]] {{LEGEND}}|Lightning|Water|Rare Holo LEGEND|}}
{{Setlist/entry|068/080|[[Raikou & Suicune LEGEND (Reviving Legends 68)|Raikou & Suicune]] {{LEGEND}}|Lightning|Water|Rare Holo LEGEND|}}
{{Setlist/entry|069/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Energy Exchange DeviceExchanger|69}}|GoodsItem||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|070/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Defender|70}}|GoodsItem||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|071/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Rare Candy|71}}|GoodsItem||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|072/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|PlusPower|72}}|GoodsItem||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|073/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Legend Box|73}}|GoodsItem||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|074/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Flower Shop Lady|74}}|Supporter||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|075/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Sage's DisciplineTraining|75}}|Supporter||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|076/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Team Rocket's TrickTrickery|76}}|Supporter||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|077/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Ruins of Alph|77}}|Stadium||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|078/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Burned Tower|78}}|Stadium||Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|079/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Darkness Energy|79}}|Energy|Darkness|Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|080/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Metal Energy|80}}|Energy|Metal|Uncommon|}}
{{Setlist/entry|081/080|{{TCG ID|Reviving Legends|Alph Lithograph|81}}|GoodsItem||Rare Holo|}}
==In other languages==
|it=Senza Paura
|ru=Неустрашимые Силы ''Neustrashimyye Sily''
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