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'''Pokémon-games[['''png|thumb|200px|right|Logo isused anfor official Pokémonthe website whichuntil announcesthe information2010 on upcoming Pokémon games and things related to them. It has now merged with [[Pokémon.comoverhaul]].
'''Pok{{tt|é|Site name uses regular &quot;e&quot;}}''' is the official international [[Pokémon]] website which was created on January 8, 1998<ref>[ WHOIS information for Poké]</ref>. Each iteration has had an online [[Pokédex]]. On January 11, 2010, the website was overhauled, now having full episodes, [[Poké online games|new online games]], and Trading Card Game information, among others.
*The===Fun {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}} code for {{p|Manaphy}} was available through October 2007.Zone===
*The [[PokémonFile:Funzone Battle Revolution]] codes for {{plogo.png|thumb|Magmortar}}200px|right|The andPokémon {{p|Electivire}}Fun wereZone available there.Logo]]
The Fun Zone contains games, wallpapers, and screensavers. Before the 2010 update, the games were mostly based on [[Generation III]] and {{game|Platinum}}; after the update the games featured a larger number of {{cat|Generation IV Pokémon}}, all translated from the Japanese [[Pokémon Daisuki Club]]. [[Poké online games|The games released after the site revamp]] are interactive, and allow players to earn Trainer Tokens, also brought over from the Pokémon Daisuki Club. The games that were previously available on the site are not available any longer.
Before the overhaul, most TCG news was on Go-Poké However, after the overhaul, the TCG was brought to Poké The Trading Card Game section of the site includes sets from {{TCG|EX Ruby & Sapphire}} to the current set, strategies, and news. Most news articles and images from Go-Pokémon were not transferred over, and thus have been lost.
===Pokémon Trainer Club===
The Pokémon Trainer Club is the equivalent of Japan's [ Pokémon Daisuki Club]. Many features have been brought over from the Pokémon Daisuki Club, including customizable Trainer personalities for each user. Outfits and accessories are bought with Trainer Tokens, which are rewarded when playing the online games. Users must have a Pokémon Trainer Club account in order to register high scores in the online games or to earn tokens. Anyone who has a Pokémon Trainer Club account can also keep track of their Organized Play statistics.
Before the overhaul, the anime section simply had synopses of almost every anime episode. After the overhaul, a changing selection of episodes can be viewed, along with summaries and screenshots for every episode and movie.
===Video games===
Before the overhaul, the video games section had information of the games, with some of them having mini-sites and sub-sites. After the overhaul, the section was expanded to include game strategies, and information about video game Organized Play. However, many of the game mini-sites were removed.
==Defunct sections==
===Pokémon Center===
[[File:Pokémon Center online.png|thumb|260px|right|The Pokémon Center website on its last day of operation]]
The Pokémon Center was an online store where people could buy different kinds of Pokémon merchandise over the internet. It also featured exclusive items only available at the online store. The store closed on January 31, 2008. When it was closed, it was claimed that Pokémon merchandise would now be mainly distributed by other retailers.
The Poké mailbag was an official source of information from the company directors. Fans could write in and ask questions about the games, anime, and other aspects of the franchise. It had been updated quite regularly, often providing information that was not available in other sources (such as the English name of [[Moose|one character from the eleventh movie]]), but the last update came in October/November 2009. When the site was revamped in January 2010, the mailbag section was removed.
===Media player===
The site once contained a media player that played music from the [[Pokémon X]] collection. Like the mailbag, it was removed in the revamp.
Throughout Poké's lifespan, it has been notorious for errors. Some of these are as minor as referring to [[Team Galactic]] as [[Team Rocket]], others as important as erroneously stating that {{p|Phione}} was a [[legendary Pokémon]] (although this is a subject of debate). Other errors are stated below.
* After the 2010 overhaul, in the {{series|Advanced Generation}}'s overview in the animation section, [[Mt. Coronet]] was noted. However, Mt. Coronet is in [[Sinnoh]], and is in the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}. This was later fixed, with [[Mt. Chimney]] being noted instead.
* The site once stated that [[Jessie]] was 12 years old.
* Poké also mentioned that the shadowed figure in ''[[Unbeatable]]'' (and, by source, ''[[Pokémon Symphonic Medley]]'') was [[Luna#Pokémon|Red Lightning]], when in fact that character wasn't yet created.
* In an article for ''[[DP103|Jumping Rocket Ship!]]'', the site referred to [[Ash's Staraptor|Ash's at-the-time Staravia]] as Staraptor.
* On the subpage for [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions]], Poké states that "Catching the Legendary {{p|Mew}} will require lots of luck!" while showing a picture of the {{p|Mewtwo}} encounter in [[Cerulean Cave]].
** Similarly, a comment for an image on [[Pokémon Emerald Version]]'s subpage states "The [[Kanto]] region has never looked better!". Pokémon Emerald took place in [[Hoenn]].
* In the game Gothorita's Portrait Panic sometimes a picture of Victini will be displayed, but it will say Foongus in the caption underneath.
* Several (but not all) Pokémon namespaces (such as "") redirect to either Poké or [], and others, such as and, redirected to their respective minisites. Ironically, typing the correct spelling of Pokémon in the URL, Poké, will ''not'' redirect. After the update in January 2010, many links became broken as the respective pages no longer exist at the same location. Such namespaces have since been changed to redirect to the website's Pokédex page on that Pokémon.
* Despite the overhaul the site received in early January 2010, the old version was made available for a limited period of time at This also affected links that got broken with the revamp, making them available again, only at a different address.
** However, since the old version is no longer available, all old links are once again broken.
** A minisite about {{p|Darkrai}} which originally appeared in 2008 was located at, but has since been taken down.
==External links==
* [ Poké]
* [ Archive of the first Poké site]
* [ The 2005 version of the Pokédex from the website]
* [ Poké YouTube Channel]
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