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{{Berryloc |
gen3=no |
DPPt1=Sometimes given by the Aroma Lady in the westernmost house off [[Pastoria City]]. |
HGSS1=Bought by the player's [[Mom]]. |
4wild1=Rarely (5% chance) found on wild {{p|Taillow}} or {{p|Swellow}}. |
5wild1=Rarely (5% chance) found on wild {{p|Swellow}}. |
Walk1=Very rarely found in {{pa|Stormy Beach}} after 2500+ steps. |
B2W21=[[Join Avenue]]|
DW1=On the player's first visit to the Dream World, they will receive five of one of the {{cat|damage-reducing Berries}} from Fennel. | }}
|page1=Hayley's trades#Yanma
|event1=Nagashima Spa Land
|page1=List of local Japanese event Pokémon distributions in Generation V#Anorith