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Snowpoint Temple

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The Snowpoint Temple is a temple at the northern-most point of the [[Sinnoh]] region. Throughout the temple are {{DL|Ice tile|Slippery ice tile|ice-sliding}} puzzles (much like in the Ice Path in [[Johto]]), and at one point {{m|Strength}} is necessary to obtain an item. The wild Pokémon that can be found inside the temple are mostly [[cave]] and {{type|Ice}} Pokémon. The Snowpoint Temple has no Trainers; only the chosen are permitted to enter the temple. On the bottom floor of the temple there is a immobilized statue of {{p|Regigigas}}. This Regigigas statue will animate when {{p|Regirock}}, {{p|Regice}}, and {{p|Registeel}} are all in the player's party and can be battled and captured.
* In {{v2game|Platinum}}, Regigigasthe Snowpoint Temple is levelthe 1;location thisof makesthe lowest leveled wild Pokémon in any Pokémon game—{{p|Regigigas}}. theRegigigas onlyis tied with the [[legendaryResort PokémonArea]]'s tolevel be1 {{p|Magikarp}} and the [[Nature Preserve]]'s level 1 inMagikarp theand {{pkmn2p|wildGyarados}} for lowest leveled wild Pokémon.
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