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Seabreak Path

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Shaymin Event
==Shaymin Event==
[[File:Seabreak path.png|thumb|200px|right|{{ga|Dawn}}, {{ga|Lucas}}, [[Professor Oak]], and {{p|Shaymin}} at the entrance to the Seabreak Path]]
The key item [[Oak's Letter]] will trigger an encounter with [[Professor Oak]] at the northernmost point of {{rt|224|Sinnoh}}. The professor will explain the myth of the white rock: that any trainerTrainer who visits the rock may inscribe upon what they are most thankful for. (There are few limits to what may be written here; the input system is identical to the system used for [[nickname]]s.)
By giving thanks, the player unlocks the Seabreak Path and has the opportunity to go to the [[Flower Paradise]] and catch {{p|Shaymin}}.