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===Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia===
[ Astuff shortcoming biographysoon. of evklI onpromise, Bulbagarden]really.
'''Current To-Do List:'''
''Upload the following Anime-related articles:''
* AG093
* Various episodes from 217 - 346 (non-AG numbered as of now)
* 4th - 7th movies.
Establish as many macro codes as possible, and then do a thourough walkthrough of the 'pedia checking to ensure macro compliance.
The actual name should be ''evkl'', with no capital letters. Bulbapedia's software does not support this, nor does Damian Silverblade, who feels the need to put evkl's name in all caps.
[ A short biography of evkl on Bulbagarden].