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'''Wii''' (Japanese: '''ウィー''' ''Wii'') is [[Nintendo]]'s seventh-generation console, which serves as the company's competition for Sony's {{wp|PlayStation 3}} and Microsoft's {{wp|Xbox 360}}. Its handheld counterpart is the [[Nintendo DS]]. The [[Nintendo 3DS]] has the same graphical and CPU capabilities as it. It, like its predecessor, the [[Nintendo GameCube]], is able to connect to software titles on the handheld of this generation, the [[Nintendo DS]], has a Pokémon game that serves as a battle arena for the [[Generation IV]] Pokémon games—in this case, [[Pokémon Battle Revolution]], and also has a storage system—in this case, [[My Pokémon Ranch]]. It was succeeded by the [[Wii U]], which is backwards-compatible to all Wii games and controllers, in 2012.