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[[File:Reshiram Zekrom Blue Flare Bolt Strike artwork.png|thumb|250px|Zekrom and Reshiram using Bolt Strike and Blue Flare, their signature moves]]
'''Signature moves''' are [[move]]s that can only be learned by a single {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} or its [[Evolution|evolutionary]] relatives usually in the same evolutionary line. Most are learned by level-up but some can be learned through other means when no Pokémon can learn the move by level -up. Note that any of the moves included in this classification (except for {{m|Chatter}}) can be learned by {{p|Smeargle}} by use of {{m|Sketch}}, making Sketch and Chatter the only moves that are truly exclusive to one Pokémon legitimately. Also, some of these moves can be passed down via {{pkmn|breeding}} to other Pokémon or are known by certain [[event Pokémon]].
==List of Pokémon and their signature moves==