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* FirstI'm anda foremost,Freshman Iat lovea itsmall whenliberal peoplearts checkcollege outin [ myPaul, eBayMN, auctions]!majoring in {{wp|political science}}.
* I try to stay active in the community, but finding the time and motivation to edit is tough.
* My favorite movies are [ Sunshine], [ Moon], and [ Event Horizon].
* My favorite author is {{wp|Michael Crichton}}.
* My favorite TV shows are [ Dexter] and [ The Newsroom].
==Pokémon stuff==
* I love it when people check out [ my eBay auctions]!
* I registered for Bulbapedia on July 17th, 2007, making me one of the oldest active contributors on the site.
* I'm a former member of the {{bp|Editorial Board}} and longtime administrator of Bulbapedia, in addition to moderating a number of sections on BMGf. I also runran Bulbagarden's annual TCG Christmas Contest for a few years.
* I have made well over 11,000 total edits to Bulbapedia. This includes all mainspaces.
* I'm pretty much BMG's resident TCG expert... I've played competitively for over five years, and my largest accomplishment is probably a Top 32 finish at the 2011 U.S. National Championships in the Masters division. I also took 3rd place at the 2012 Wisconsin Regional Championships (again in Masters, obviously), losing to [[Kyle Sucevich]] in the semifinals.