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Moves commonly associated with certain Pokémon
===Moves commonly associated with certain Pokémon===
* Although '''{{m|Megahorn}}''' was no longer {{p|Heracross}}'s signature move starting in [[Generation III]], it was still the only {{type|Bug}} Pokémon that could learn the move prior to [[Generation V]], where Megahorn is now learnable by {{p|Scolipede}}, {{p|Karrablast}} and {{p|Escavalier}}.
* {{p|Lucario}} is usually associated with '''{{m|Aura Sphere}}''' and '''{{m|Force Palm}}''', but nine Pokémon (including Lucario) can learn Aura Sphere in total plus two with {{p|Riolu}} from Almia and {{p|Raikou}} from Event. Seven10 Pokémon (including Lucario) can learn Force Palm. In Generation V, Lucario and Mienshao are the only Fighting-type Pokémon to learn Aura Sphere by leveling up.
* {{p|Venusaur}}, {{p|Charizard}}, and {{p|Blastoise}} are often associated with '''{{m|SolarBeam}}''', '''{{m|Flamethrower}}''', and '''{{m|Hydro Pump}}''', respectively, due to them frequently being depicted using those moves in various Pokémon media (such as the anime).
** In [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]], {{p|Charizard}}'s trophy states that '''{{m|Flamethrower}}''' is its signature move.