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Kanata and Misaki

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<!--[[File:MisakiKanata Unova.png|thumb|275px|MisakiKanata]]-->
(Japanese: '''ミサキカナタ''' ''MisakiKanata'') is a minor character in ''[[M15|Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice]]''. SheHe first appears battling with {{un|Kanata}}[[Misaki]] in the [[Roshan City]] Pokémon Center. WithAlthough herhe {{p|Liepard}}puts up a good fight, Misaki managesends toup defeatbeing Kanatadeclared the winner of the battle.
|img=MisakiKanata LiepardHerdier.png
|epname=Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice
|desc=MisakiKanata used {{p|LiepardHerdier}} in a battle against KanataMisaki's {{p|HerdierLiepard}}. Eventually,Although it managedbattled to defeat its opponentfiercely, givingit Misakiwas theeventually windefeated.
None of LiepardHerdier's moves areonly known move is {{m|Wild Charge}}.}}
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