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Grovyle (EX Ruby & Sapphire 31)

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==Release information==
In Japan, this card was reprinted with different artwork by the same artist as one of the {{TCG|ADV-P Promotional cards}} and distributed as inserts across several [[ShōgakukanShogakukan]] publications. It was included Elementary School 1st Grade magazine and Elementary School 2nd Grade magazine during March 2003. It was later included in Elementary School 3rd Grade magazine, Elementary School 4th Grade magazine, Elementary School 5th Grade magazine, and Elementary School 6th Grade magazine during April 2003. The English reprint was awarded as a prize to those who attended the {{TCG|Pokémon League|Pokémon e-League}} throughout October 2003. Winner versions of this card were also released, which feature a foil "Winner" stamp in the bottom right corner of the artwork. Jumbo versions of the winner print were also distributed as prizes.
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