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Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2

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'''Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol.2''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンパズルコレクション{{j|Vol.2}}''' ''Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol.2'') is a game released for [[Pokémon mini]]. It is only available in Japan. It was ratedclassified by the ESRB as E for Everyone under the title '''Pokémon Mini Puzzle Collection Vol. 2''',<ref>[ ESRB - PokemonPokémon Mini Puzzle Collection Vol. 2]</ref> but was never released in the United States.
It is similar to the [[Pokémon Puzzle Collection|first game]], but some games have been modified. In addition, there are 80 new puzzles in this game.
==External links==
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