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In the Pokémon Adventures: Mistook Chow and Nico's Japanese names... Now fixed
===In the Pokémon Adventures===
[[File:Sage Adventures.png|thumb|The Sages in Pokémon Adventures]]
The Sages appear at the [[Sprout Tower]] and they are named '''Chow''' (Japanese: '''チンモクネン''' ''ChinnenMokunen''), '''Nico''' (Japanese: '''モクチンネン''' ''MokunenChinnen''), '''Edmond''' (Japanese: '''エイソウ''' ''Eisō''), '''Jin''' (Japanese: '''ソウネン''' ''Sōnen''), '''Neal''' (Japanese: '''カクネン''' ''Kakunen'') and '''Troy''' (Japanese: '''カイネン''' ''Kainen''), respectively known as '''Peaceful''', '''Mindful''', '''Faithful''', '''Careful''', '''Painful''' and '''Thoughtful''' in the [[Chuang Yi]] version. When they see {{adv|Gold}} coming to the Sprout Tower, they want recruit him to be one of them, with the name "'''Nanyanen'''" ('''Awful''' in the Chuang Yi version). However, Gold refuses as he needs to find the {{adv|Silver|Totodile thief}} and the Sages have the {{p|Bellsprout}} attack him. The Bellsprout are able to weaken [[Aibo]] but get burnt by [[Exbo]].