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Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Plot: Took care of that redlink.
After defeating the large, ape-like man, [[Mr Verich]] appears on video and reveals that he is actually [[Greevil]], the true master of Cipher, and that he is hiding on [[Citadark Island]] -- but the island is on a very stormy branch of sea and is almost always in terrible weather conditions, leaving it almost impossible to breach. With the help of [[Makan]], Michael -- after getting [[Master Ball|one last gift]] from [[Professor Krane]] -- enables the [[Robo Kyogre]], and journies to [[Cipher]]'s last stronghold.
There, he battles through [[Lovrina|all]] [[Snattle|three]] [[Gorigan|Admins]] a second time and an entire horde of Pokémon, and even battles [[Ardos]] and [[Eldes]] -- two new [[Cipher Admin|Cipher Admins]] and [[Greevil]]'s bodyguard. After going through everyone, Michael battles [[Greevil]]'s after snagging/defeating [[Shadow Lugia]]. He defeats him, and it is then revealed that Ardos and Eldes are his sons -- and they forfeit, thus making [[Orre]] safe.
Michael can complete the [[Orre Colosseum]] after this.