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:Well, it's based solely on Special stat, so the stat corresponded to Voltorb. Pretty simple really.
Ok... But I used the same pokemon both times (right down to the same level rattata and charmander) and yet the second time I get challenged by a bug catcher. If it helps at all, the Bug Catcher had a completely normal level nine Weedle. Also, I saw the glitch used on a speed run of Red and the guy just battled a random rattata and got a nidoking.
Finally, can you save between the time when you've died in Viridian forest and when you battle a wild pokemon, or does this reset the game so it no longer thinks it's in battle mode? [[User:Newtonium|Newtonium]] ([[User talk:Newtonium|talk]]) 08:41, 12 December 2012 (UTC)