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Driftveil Drawbridge

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* Like other Unova bridges, if the player rides the [[bicycle]] here, the bicycle music will not play.
* AfterSeveral standingsound foreffects someare timeplayed onat thea bridgefixed interval, thealternating cry of {{p|Charizard}} can be faintly heard. This is to referencebetween the factsound thatof thea bridge is also known as the Charizard Bridge. Additionallyplane, the sound of a planehelicopter, (whenand movingthe fromcry rightof to{{p|Charizard}}, the left)latter orbeing a helicopter (when moving from leftreference to right)the can be heard. All three sounds take a long timebridge's beforealternative occurringname.
* It is the only bridge in Unova that the player can cross without the need to enter a [[gate]].