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Pokémon Battrio operates on a {{wp|List of Sega arcade system boards#Triforce|Triforce}} arcade system and uses cel-shaded graphics. The machine costs ¥100 to operate for each player; a random puck is also dispensed from the machine per coin inserted. The console itself has only two buttons for each player; an orange button that is used to cycle through options in the game, and a larger yellow button used to confirm commands and interact with certain gameplay mechanics. Above these are 4x44×4 grids that the pucks are placed on and manipulated, as their positioning directly influences the positioning of the Pokémon on the in-game battlefield. Between these grids in the center of the console is the infrared scanner used for scanning in pucks.
New mechanics are often introduced to keep the game alive, and as such, the system itself is upgraded to accommodate these new changes, as well as cosmetic changes to the interface.
| align="center" width="15%" style="background: #E26444" | '''Rage'''<br>げきど
| style="font-size:90%; background: #{{white color light}}" | The Pokémon will do more damage if the Fervor gauge is 1.5x or higher
| align="center" width="15%" style="background: #85D0F4" | '''Gale'''<br>はやて
Upon starting a battle, the player has 60 seconds to scan in up to three Battrio pucks using the infrared scanner in the center of the console. The data is then transferred and each respective Pokémon will appear on screen. If the player has only one or two pucks, the game will assign random Pokémon to make the deficit. Players can scan two pucks portraying the same Pokémon as long as they are different in terms of stats or abilities. One could have a {{OBP|Turtwig|01-016}} from ''{{Battrio|Dialga and Palkia Clash}}'' and a {{OBP|Turtwig|02-022}} from ''{{Battrio|Darkrai Invasion}}'', but not two Turtwig from ''Dialga and Palkia Clash'' for example.
After scanning each puck, the player must then move them onto the 4x44×4 grid. When the player has finished scanning their pucks, the battle is ready to begin.
From the ''{{Battrio|Fierce Gale - Thundering Thunderclaps}}'' expansion onwards, grouping pucks by their base and spin color will allow players to scan in a fourth puck. This is called the [[Spin Attack (Battrio)#Special scan|special scan]]. Unlike the initial three Pokémon which appear on the field, the fourth Pokémon can be summoned at specific points during the course of a battle for an extra attack.