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Before Emerald is to fight Ruby, he begins checking up on Ruby's data, only to be interrupted by Ruby taking various photographs and videos of [[Zuzu]], [[Mimi]] and Ruru, much to the chagrin of the referee. Ruby is insistent that he take records of his Pokémon's development and declares to a bemused Emerald that all three of his Pokémon are available for Emerald to see.
The match kicks off with Ruby sending out Ruru, and Emerald responds with his {{p|Dusclops}} for the type advantage. Ruru begins with a wave of {{m|Hypnosis}}, but Emerald encourages Dusclops to fight the drowsiness and counter with {{m|Shadow Ball}}, which makes a direct hit. Emerald orders a barrage of the ghostly orbs, but Ruru somehow manages to remain standing. Emerald is surprised at this, thinking that the {{p|Kirlia}} must have unusually high defenses, before commanding a {{m|Fire Punch}} that not only hits home, but also inflicts the burn status. Emerald cheers that now Ruru will lose additional health as time goes on, but from behind, Tucker points out that Emerald's victory is far from guaranteed as he gestures towards Dusclops. Emerald is horrified to see Dusclops suffering from a burn as well, realizing that Ruru must have the [[{{a|Synchronize]]}} ability. Tucker confirms that the ability forces the user's opponent to share the same status conditions, while Scott suggests that Ruru had used {{m|Imprison}} earlier, meaning that none of Dusclops' Shadow Ball attacks had actually worked. Both Pokémon collapse as the burns wipe out the remainder of their health, and the referee declares the battle as a draw to the roaring crowd. Emerald grins at Ruby, realizing that his opponent is clearly a strong one, and Ruby merely smiles.
Sending out Mimi next, Ruby muses if Emerald will send out Sceptile for the type advantage again. Emerald is somewhat surprised that Ruby isn't bothered by elemental disadvantages, but nevertheless sends out Sceptile to do battle - only to be interrupted as Ruby begins arguing with staff about the stadium lighting not showing Mimi's good side, much to Emerald's irritation.