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Trivia: Fixed how two episodes were displayed. Also, what I believe is anime physics...
* ''[[Pokémon Symphonic Medley]]'' and ''[[To My Best Friend]]'' are both used as background music.
* The next episode preview is narrated by {{TRT}}.
* [[Angie]] rode a Lapras on water frozen with {{m|Ice Beam}}, much like Ash did with his {{TP|AshAP|Lapras}} against [[Cissy]] in ''[[EP085|Fit to be Tide]]''.
* This is the only episode of the Summer Academy arc to feature any of Brock's Pokémon.
* The dub title is a reference to one of {{wp|Dr. Seuss}}'s story books, ''{{wp|One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish}}''.
* Nurse Joy's appearance broke one of Brock's longest non-girl flirting streak.
* Ash managed to make another girl fall in love for him.
* Dodrio was shown as a fast runner on ''[[EP033|The Flame Pokémon-athon!]]'' episode. Differently, during this episode it is not.
* Despite {{p|Seviper}} weighing more than 115lbs, [[Jessie]] is able to drag it while running. This is an example of [[anime physics]].
[[File:Garchomp Gliding.png|thumb|240px|right|Garchomp error]]
* Garchomp's eye coloring is inversed.
* The red circles on Mantyke's back are missing in one scene with Ash.
* DespiteIt Seviperis weighingrevealed morethat thanboth 115lbsAsh and Angie are from the Red Team. If so, Jessiethey isshould ablenot tohave dragfaced iteach whileother the Pokémon Battle on ''[[DP88|Camping It Up!]]''.
* It is revealed that both Ash and Angie are from the Red Team. If so, they should not have faced each other in the Pokémon Battle on DP88: Camping It Up!.
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