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LaRousse City

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In other languages
LaRousse is based on {{wp|Vancouver}}, {{wp|British Columbia}}, {{wp|Canada}}.
===In other languages=Names==
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! style="{{roundytr|5px}};" | Origin
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| Chinese (Taiwan)Japanese
| ラルース ''LaRousse''
| Possibly from the French ''la rousse'' (the redhead) and ''roux'' (russet) or the Spanish ''la luz'' (the light)
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| English, German,<br>Italian, Spanish
| LaRousse City
| From its Japanese name.
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| French
| Dicoville
| From ''dico'', an informal term for dictionary (possibly a reference to {{wp|Éditions Larousse}}).
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| Korean
| 랄스시티 ''Ralseu City''
| Rough transcription of its Japanese name
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| Chinese ({{tt|Mandarin|Taiwan}})
| 拉魯斯市 ''Lālǔsī Shì''
| 拉魯斯 is the transliterationTransliteration of its Japanese name. 市 means city.