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Appendix:Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough/Section 11

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== Lentimas Town ==
[[File:Lentimas Town B2W2.png|thumb|Lentimas Town]]
[[Lentimas Town]] is a tiny, isolated town known for its porcelain and pottery made from volcanic clay. A Move Tutor who is obsessed with {{DL|Shard|Blue Shard}}s resides here. The expansive [[Reversal Mountain]] lies to the east.
== Strange House ==
[[File:Strange House exterior B2W2.png|thumb|Strange House]]
East of [[Lentimas Town]] is a rugged canyon. Hidden away in the eastern part of the canyon is the [[Strange House]], an old building that is known for a sad incident that occurred here. A ghost sometimes appears inside, and pieces of furniture move around on their own.