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Lucky Stadium (Neo Destiny 100)

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Release information
*{{tt|Chūgoku|Western}}/Shikoku print (features {{p|Gyarados}}) was available at the Hiroshima Sun Plaza, Hiroshima on August 2, 2000.
*{{tt|Tōhoku|Northeast}} print (features {{p|Diglett}}) was available at Sendai Wasse, Sendai on August 6, 2000.
Competitors who earned a place at the Tropical Mega Battle Tournament, held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu between August 26-27, 2000 were awarded a bilingual print with new artwork by [[Kouichi Ooyama]].<br>
The card was first printed in English in the {{TCG|Neo Destiny}} expansion with new artwork by [[Tomoaki Imakuni|Imakuni?]]. It was reprinted again in Japan in the {{TCG|Intro Pack Neo}}, which was released in April 2001 and illustrated by [[Hideki Kazama]]. The lone promotional print outside Japan was released at the opening of [[Pokémon Center (store)#New York|Pokémon Center New York]], illustrated by [["Big Mama" Tagawa]]. This print remains English-exclusive.