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Appendix:Red and Blue walkthrough/Section 11

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== Route 16 ==
[[File:Kanto Route 16 RBY.png|thumb|250px|left|Route 16]]
[[File:Rt16roadblockRoute 16 roadblock Kanto.png|thumb|A second roadblock]]
Also known as {{ka|Cycling Road}}, the path that connects [[Celadon City]] and [[Fuchsia City]] ([[Route]]s {{rtn|16|Kanto}}, {{rtn|17|Kanto}}, and {{rtn|18|Kanto}}) is a favorite hangout spot for bikers. Except for a few battles, it's a pretty easy ride down the slope to Fuchsia. Before you go, {{m|cut}} down the small tree near the {{p|Snorlax}} and walk through the [[gate]] to find a house on the other side; the girl inside will give you {{HM|02|Fly}} to keep her hideaway a secret. Teach that to something like {{p|Pidgeot}} or {{p|Fearow}} to visit any previous town in seconds flat.
=== Warden's home ===
[[File:SafariWardenSafari Zone Warden.png|thumb|...What?]]
The warden is troubled; it seems that he has lost his set of {{DL|List of key items in Generation I|Gold Teeth|false teeth}} somewhere in the Safari Zone. For returning them, the warden is willing to give his HM as thanks.