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At the beginning of the Musical, the Pokémon are dressed up. If the chosen Props' traits fits the song, more points are awarded. What is held is vital for the Musical, as these Props can be waved around for appeal; however, each Prop may only be waved around once.
In Black and White, obtaining all 100 Props is a requirement for completing the [[Trainer card (game)|Trainer card]]. In Black 2 and White 2 collecting all the props is necessary for the Trendsetter [[Medal]], and collecting all the medals is a requirement for completing the [[Trainer card (game)|Trainer card]].
[[Memory Link]] allows the player of Black 2 or White 2 to receive all the props gained by the player of Black or White. This can only be done once and only if the Prop Case hasn't previously been received.
After a performance has ended, the player may talk to the audience members gathered outside the reception area to receive Props. The better the performance, the more people will be waiting in the lobby. Depending on the crowd's reception of the Pokémon's performance, they may give the player more Props for future use. Some Props are given out only by certain Musical categories.