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|title_en=VS{{tt|I More Than Like You, Luvdisc II|VIZ Media}}/{{tt|VS Luvdisc II|Chuang Yi}}
|title_ja=VS ラブカス II |
|title_ro=VS Lovecus II |
|image=PS224.png |
|chapter=Ruby & Sapphire |
|volume=18 |
|number=224 |
|location=[[Fallarbor Town]] |
|prev_round=VSI More Than Like You, Luvdisc I |
|next_round=VSTanks, but No Tanks, Anorith & Lileep }}
'''{{tt|I More Than Like You, Luvdisc II|VIZ Media}}/{{tt|VS Luvdisc II|Chuang Yi}}''' or '''King of Beauty''' (Japanese: '''VS ラブカス II''' ''VS {{tt|Lovecus|Luvdisc}} II'' or '''美しさの覇者''' ''King of Beauty'') is the 224th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}}.
{{adv|Ruby}} looks in awe of [[Wallace]]'s amazing skills at [[Beautiful (condition)|Beauty]]. He notices that the look of Wallace's {{p|Whiscash}} is far different than [[Mr. Briney]]'s, which causes him to note that he is trying a similar thing by entering {{adv|Mimi}}[[Feefee]], an ugly Pokémon, into a Beauty Contest to prove that any Pokémon can win if it's trained enough. As Ruby stares in shock, [[ZuzuMumu]] notices a man rubbing out his cigarette onto the clothes of a woman, which accidentally sets it on fire.
Wallace quickly puts out the fire, which causes the woman to snap at the man who lit her clothes upon fire. The two begin arguing, so Wallace has his {{p|Luvdisc}} calm them down as Ruby watches while enraged. When Wallace begins to leave, Ruby goes over to him and introduces himself. Due to Ruby missing the registration period, he was unable to compete against Wallace and show him his skills.
Ruby decides to have an unofficial {{pkmn|Contest}} battle against him, with Beauty as the category. Despite the protests of his cheerleaders, Wallace considers the challenge interesting and accepts. Feeling that MimiFeefee might not be right for the challenge, Ruby omits her as he sends his entire team to face Wallace.
At [[Professor Cozmo]]'s research lab, [[Gabby and Ty|Maryann and Tyler]] enter to interview Professor Cozmo. Professor Cozmo's assistants inform them that the Professor had gone on a trip days ago and hasn't returned. One of the assistants states that because of [[Mt. Chimney]]'s death, the sea level is rising, which is tipping the energy balance of [[Hoenn]].
One of them says it reminds them of the battle between {{p|Groudon}} and {{p|Kyogre}}, which was also caused by an imbalanced energy shift. One of them gets data that states that [[Sootopolis City]] is still the most affected area of the energy imbalance, and that they need more information from the locals there. They reveal that they were supposed to meet a local, Wallace, the guardian of the [[Cave of Origin]].
==Major events==
* {{adv|Ruby}} challenges [[Wallace]] to a Contest challenge and loses.
* Maryann[[Gabby and TylerTy]] learn that [[Professor Cozmo]] has gone missing.
====Pokémon debuts====
* {{adv|Ruby}}
* [[Gabby & Ty|Maryann and Tyler]]
* [[Wallace]]
* [[Gabby and Ty]]/{{tt|Maryann and Tyler|Chuang Yi}}
* Wallace's cheerleaders
* Professor[[Contest Cozmo's assistantsannouncer]]
* [[Professor Cozmo]]'s assistants
* {{p|Castform}} (Popo; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|Marshtomp}} ([[Zuzu]]; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|Mightyena}} ([[Nana]]; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|Delcatty}} ([[Kiki]]/{{advtt|Coco|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|FeebasMarshtomp}} ([[Mumu]]/{{advtt|MimiZuzu|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|SeakingFeebas}} (Charles[[Feefee]]/{{tt|Mimi|Chuang Yi}}; Wallace{{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|LuvdiscCastform}} (ElizabethFofo/{{tt|Popo|Chuang Yi}}; Wallace{{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|SealeoSeaking}} (PhillipCharles; [[Wallace]]'s)
* {{p|WhiscashLuvdisc}} (RichardElizabeth; [[Wallace]]'s)
==Trivia==* {{p|Sealeo}} (Phillip; [[Wallace]]'s)
* {{p|Whiscash}} (Richard; [[Wallace]]'s)
* {{p|Kyogre}} ({{DL|Super-ancient Pokémon (Adventures)|Kyogre|Adventures}}; fantasy)
* {{p|Groudon}} ({{DL|Super-ancient Pokémon (Adventures)|Groudon|Adventures}}; fantasy)
* In the [[Chuang Yi]] translationversion, the [[Cave of Origin]] is called by its Japanese name.
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|VS 愛心魚 II|VS Luvdisc II}} (Taiwan)<br>{{tt|VS 爱心鱼 II|VS Luvdisc II}} (Mainland China)
|fr_eu={{tt|Défaite éclatante|Dazzling defeat}}
|ko={{tt|VS 사랑동이 II|VS Luvdisc II}}
|vi = VS Lovecus II - Quán quân sắc đẹp
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