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Unova Leaders Tournament

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In this tournament, {{player}}s battle a variety of the current and the former [[Gym Leader]]s from [[Unova]], with exception of [[Iris]]. This tournament can be unlocked by defeating [[Elite Four]] as well as {{pkmn|Champion}}.
==Tournament description==
:''"Unova Leaders Tournament is a tournament in which Gym Leaders from Unova are participating. You may use any Pokémon or held items of your choice. For these battles, all Pokémon will be set to Level 50. The winner will be rewarded with BP. Good luck!"
The number of Pokémon each participant uses varies depending on the selected battle style:
* In [[Pokémon battle|Single Battles]], each Trainer uses three Pokémon;
* In [[Double Battle]]s and [[Rotation Battle]]s, each Trainer uses four Pokémon;
* In [[Triple Battle]]s, each Trainer uses six Pokémon.