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By traveling from one area to another through the Mystery Zone, the tileset will not be changed even if the new area was supposed to use a different tileset. Currently loaded 3D props, such as buildings, are subject to this as well. Simply refreshing the graphics will solve this. Sinnoh's Mystery Zone has its own, unused tileset which can be seen by entering it from the overworld, refreshing the graphics there, and then returning to the overworld. This tileset can also be seen in a pre-release screenshot of Diamond and Pearl, indicating that it is left over from a [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl beta|beta]] version of the game. The unused tileset remains within the coding of {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}.
Occasionally, the game can be tricked into thinking that the player is somewhere else while in the Mystery Zone, such as displaying the [[Turnback Cave]] title with the {{Weather|fog}} starting to display or [[Floaroma Meadow]] title withoutand thestarting to display {{Weather|fog}}, while the floor remains black and the map displays that the player is on {{rt|221|Sinnoh}}, however the music that plays is exactly the same music as what displays in the title. This occurs when the player goes outside of the map matrix and the game cannot indicate where the player really is on the world map.