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Generation I
Certain gates contain a second floor that features a spot where binoculars can be used to see faraway landmarks or even certain Pokémon. In some of these, the {{player}} will usually encounter one of [[Professor Oak]]'s [[Professors' aides|aides]]. He will check the [[Pokédex]] and will reward the player if he or she has caught a given number.
ThreeFour gates block the player from passing them to access [[Saffron City]] until he meets certain requirements:
* give a {{DL|Drink|Fresh Water}}{{sup/1|RGB}}{{sup/1|RB}}{{sup/1|Y}}, {{DL|Drink|Soda Pop}}{{sup/1|RGB}}{{sup/1|RB}}{{sup/1|Y}}, {{DL|Drink|Lemonade}}{{sup/1|RGB}}{{sup/1|RB}}{{sup/1|Y}}, purchasable at the [[Celadon Department Store]], or {{DL|Drink|Tea}}{{sup/3|FRLG}}, received by an old daylady on the ground floor of [[Celadon Condominiums|Celadon Mansion]], to the thirsty gatekeeper at the gates on {{rt|5|Kanto|Routes 5}}, {{rt|6|Kanto|6}}, {{rt|7|Kanto|7}} and {{rt|8|Kanto|8}}, all of which lead to [[Saffron City]];
* obtain the [[Bicycle]] so that the gatekeeper at the gates on {{rt|16|Kanto|Routes 16}} and {{rt|18|Kanto|18}} allows the player to go through and enter {{rt|17|Kanto|Cycling Road}};
* obtain all 8 [[Badge|Gym Badges]] and show each one to the 8 gatekeepers at the [[Pokémon League Reception Gate|Pokémon League Front Gate]] on {{rt|22|Kanto}} and at {{rt|23|Kanto}} to grant access to {{ka|Victory Road}} and [[Indigo Plateau]].
===Generation II===
Much like [[Generation I]], gates serve to separate two areas. Unlike other buildings, the {{player}} can often ride their [[Bicycle]] through these buildings to guarantee fast transportation. None of the gates have second floors, including those in [[Kanto]] that had them in Generation I.