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{{adv|Emerald}} isn't too pleased to see {{adv|Ruby}} and {{adv|Sapphire}}, despite them formally introducing themselves as his allies, believing that [[Professor Oak]] sent them. The two correct Emerald and say it was [[Professor Birch]] who did, which doesn't impress Emerald either. Emerald is insistent that he doesn't need any help and turns to leave, with {{[[Emerald's Sceptile|Sceptile}}]] lashing out with an {{m|Iron Tail}} and tossing the two Trainer back. Sapphire is worried that they should follow, but Ruby points out that they're all due to meet up in the [[Battle Dome]] tournament in any case. As he starts moaning over how his clothes are stained with Emerald's urine from {{[[PS320|earlier}}]], Sapphire begins to criticize his habits and the two once again begin to bicker. [[Scott]], meanwhile, spots them from afar, noting that they have arrived as expected.
As the matches continue on in the Battle Dome, [[Dome Ace Tucker]] has appeared amongst the lineup of challengers participating in the elimination-style tournament. Most of the reporters are banking on Emerald making it all the way to the top, but one of them notes that the newcomers in Ruby and Sapphire are proving themselves to be equally promising. Eventually, the three [[Pokédex holders]] and Tucker end up in the semi-final round. Scott asks Tucker what'll happen if he loses before the grand final, to which the Brain states that the Frontier Symbol will go to whoever wins the final match - not that he's intending to lose, of course. Tucker swears that he will win and show [[Guile Hideout]] how serious he is about improving himself the next time the Brains clash with the villain.