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Marine Tube

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The depth of the six foot trench is truly nothing to sneeze at.
Known as "the walk-through aquarium", the Marine Tube was built during the two years between {{game|Black and White|s}} and their sequels. It was constructed to commemorate the friendship between Undella Town and Humilau City and was designed, as stated by a NPC at the Humilau entrance, "to see, not to move." When the player first arrives in Undella Town, the Marine Tube is closed for cleaning and yet to open. The cleaning is completed at the same time the player earns his or her [[Badge#Black 2 and White 2|seventh badge]].
The Marine Tube is a transparent tube made of 9.8 inch glass built to withstand high water pressures and contact with huge Pokémon. The tunnel was made above ground and lowered into the water. Crossing a six-footmile-deep ocean trench, the Marine Tube is one of the many pinnacles of technology in the [[Unova]] region.
Rocks covered with moss and pyramid-like rocks can be seen in the water surrounding the tube. Lights have been placed outside the tube to provide visibility. There is a canyon halfway along the tube's route, the bottom of which cannot be seen. The {{type|Water}} Pokémon {{p|Alomomola}}, {{p|Basculin}}, {{p|Frillish}}, {{p|Mantine}}, and {{p|Wailord}} will frequently swim past. Some Pokémon can only be observed at certain times of the day; the player can get the [[Medal|Wailord Watcher medal]] by spotting an elusive {{p|Wailord}} between 3-4 p.m.