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Exploitation: fixing information regarding Arceus
Tweaking to reach {{p|Shaymin}} takes an average of one hour, whereas it takes two hours to reach {{p|Darkrai}}. [[Save|Saving the game]] in the [[void]] can result in becoming trapped in a 1×1, 1×2, or 2×1 area, forcing a player to start a new game without the use of a [[cheating]] device to escape.
Tweaking cannot be used to obtain {{p|Arceus}}, sincedue [[theto Underground]]an cannotin-game beflag accessedrequiring fromactivation thefor [[SpearArceus Pillar]]to appear. Furthermore, a Hall of Origin area has never been located orin the [[void, merely several pseudo-Hall of Origin areas which have the music of [[Spear Pillar]]—which isand wherecannot Arceuscontain isan foundArceus.