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Adding the template Kogoro made for user pages, and added a table of contents (in a section)
[[File:Spr 5b2 646W s.png|link={{User:Clubchloe1Kogoro/Legendary Sprite comments]] [[File:497.png|link=User:Clubchloe1/Teams]] [[File:641T.png|link=User:Clubchloe1/User Dream radar]] [[File:647R.png|100px|link=User:Clubchloe1]]Template
|Welcome=Welcome to Clubchloe1
Legendary|bgcolor={{emerald Spritecolor ☆ Teams ☆ Dream Radar user tag ☆ '''Main page '''light}}
|bordercolor={{black 2 color}}
comments|welcomecolor={{white 2 color light}}
''Click the images to go to my sub-pages!''|image2=646W.png
|link2=[[User:Clubchloe1/Legendary sprite comments|Legendary sprite comments]]
|link4=[[User:Clubchloe1/User Dream radar|Dream Radar user tag]]
|innercolor={{white 2 color light}}
|innerbordercolor={{dragon color}}}}
'''''Note:''' The template used for my User page is from [[User:Kogoro/Template|Kogoro]]. Use that template if you want your user page like this!''
==Table of contents, because my page is huge==
[[#About me|About me]] - [[#Contect information|Contact information]] - [[#History|History]] - [[#My WiFi history|Wifi history]] - [[#My Top Favorite Pokémon|Top favorite Pokémon]] - [[#My User name|My user name]] - [[#My funny moments when playing Pokémon games|Funny moments when playing Pokémon games]] <small>[[#While in a battle with the Elite 4 member Catilin|While in a battle with the Elite 4 member Catilin]] [[#While in a battle with Shauntal|While in a battle with Shauntal]]</small> - [[#My Personal Story on how I found my Shiny Sableye|My Personal Story on how I found my Shiny Sableye]] - [[#User tags|User tags]] - [[#R/S speculation|R/S speculation]] - [[#Something to take into perspective|Something to take into perspective]] - [[#My moves that so far do not exist|My moves that so far do not exist]] <small>[[#Absolute Zero Blast|Absolute Zero Blast]] [[#Explosive Bullet Seed|Explosive Bullet Seed]]</small> - [[#The users I would like to thank|The users I would like to thank]]
Welcome to my User Page! Still working on this whole editing thing, so if I make a mistake, feel free to fix it!
*{{u|SnorlaxMonster}}- He fixed one of my User tags that led to 2 3DS articles (one being on Bulbapedia, and the other link being on Wikipedia), and added to the [[Décor]] article {{tt|the missing Pokémon Dolls|which the Pokémon dolls that were missing were bothering me}}
*{{u|Dennou Zenshi}}- He fixed the broken file links on one of my sub-pages (Teams)
*{{u|Kogoro}}- She fixed a redlink I had on this page and made this template used on this page