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White 2: Adding a section called: "Planned Multi-player team", updated things I need to do, and updated Progress
*{{p|Kyurem|White Kyurem}} - Yeah like, I wanted to use a Shiny Dragonite, but I thought: "Wait, White Kyurem = Second most powerful Pokémon in the game, and I need a Pokémon with Fire type moves, so what the heck, I'll use White Kyurem".
====Planned Multi-player team====
|color={{White 2 color}}|bordercolor={{Black 2 color dark}}|headcolor={{White 2 color light}}
|sprite=Spr B2W2 Rosa.png
|prize=A VIP TICKET TO THE [[Distortion World|DISTORTION WORLD]]!
|game=Black and White
|held=Griseous Orb
|move1=Shadow Ball|move1type=Ghost|move1cat=Special
|move2=Dragon Claw|move2type=Dragon|move2cat=Physical
|move4=Aura Sphere|move4type=Fighting|move4cat=Special}}
|game=Black and White
|game=Black and White
|held=Expert Belt
|move2=Aura Sphere|move2type=Fighting|move2cat=Special
|game=Black and White
|held=Light Clay
|move2=Light Screen|move2type=Psychic|move2cat=Status
|move4=Lunar Dance|move4type=Psychic|move4cat=Status}}
Yeah..see the thing is, I'm planning on more Pokémon later. I got the Giratina from Dream Radar, and the Lugia is the same, and they are currently in training (EVs, and level grinding). Lugia is my tank (and an annoying tank to say the atleast, my experience with Lugia being an annoying tank is from Pokémon Showdown!, ugh I HATE those things!). Cresselia is a Dual Screener (and a Lunar Dancer). Giratina is an all-out attacker, with an pretty much a un-resisted moveset (in my opinion, its there to take out the really annoying {{p|Ferrothorn}}'s, or any other steel type in my way). I'm gonna have one suckish time fighting {{p|Darkrai}}'s D: By the way, the VIP ticket to the Distortion World is courtesy of Giratina XD '''ALL OF YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO THE GREAT WALL LUGIA!!!!''' Dunno why, but I wanted to say that..
===Progress in White 2===
*Beaten the [[Iris|Champion]]!
**Beaten Dream Radar (seems as if after you catch Landorus, it goes to the credits, implying that I have beaten it)
*Registered my Game card to Global Link
**Gotten over 20003000 Dream points
*Unlocked the Keldeo Resolute forme C-Gear skin
===The things I need to do in White 2===
**Train up {{p|Cresselia}}, its gonna be an AWESOME multi-player Pokémon!
*Beat the White Tree Hollow and get to Benga!
*EV Train Giratina, Lugia, and Cresselia. They're gonna be GREAT Multi-player Pokémon afterwards!