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Conceived as a joint venture between {{wp|Takara Tomy}} and {{wp|AQ Interactive}}, the development of Pokémon Battrio was announced on April 11, 2007 by Takara Tomy vice president Keita Satoh and AQ Interactive vice president Yoji Ishii. Marketed at a primary audience of 6-12 years, the battle system was stipulated to be much simpler when compared to the [[Version|core release]] of Pokémon games. Battrio was originally scheduled to launch on July 14, 2007, but was pushed back to September 14 the same year. With the release of the Battrio V upgrade in July 2011, all machines and merchandise were branded under the Takary Tomy A.R.T.S. and {{wp|Marvelous AQL}} labels after several company mergers.
On April 18th, 2012, it was announced that Pokémon Battrio would be discontinued and all units would be replaced by a similar replacementarcade system called [[Pokémon Tretta]], developed by the same companies. Battrio systems began to be removed in Japanese stores nationwide in June, with the first Tretta expansionsystems being releasedinstalled in early July. Pokémon Tretta officially went live on July 14th, 2012 with the release of its first expansion.
*'''Pokémon Battrio Super''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンバトリオスーパー''', stylized ''Pokémon Battrio S'') was rolled out on July 19, 2008 in conjunction with the release of the ''{{Battrio|Giratina Tremor}}'' expansion. The upgrade featured a major overhaul in terms of damage calculation, brought a number of new mechanics to enhance battle experience, and new battle modes to challenge players.
*'''Pokémon Battrio Zero''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンバトリオゼロ''', stylized ''Pokémon Battrio 0'') was rolled out on July 19, 2009 in conjunction with the release of the ''{{Battrio|Arceus Advent}}'' expansion. The upgrade featured a re-designed interface, added more interaction within battles, and enhanced gameplay mechanics.
*'''Pokémon Battrio V''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンバトリオブイ''') was rolled out on July 14, 2011 in conjunction with the release of the ''{{Battrio|Black Thunder - White Fire}}'' expansion, and iswas the currentlast version. The upgrade introduced Generation V Pokémon to Battrio and brought major changes in terms of gameplay interactivity, battle flow, and puck mechanics while discontinuing several older mechanics.
There are also a number of stats not displayed on pucks that each Pokémon possesses. '''Cost''' is a value rated by stars and is proportionately linked to the puck rarity. Pokémon with higher costs are often more powerful and will therefore suffer more as a result of '''Exhaustion'''. Exhaustion is a graded numerical value based on the cost rating and determines how much Attack and Defense a Pokémon will lose once it has launched an attack. It may take several turns for the Pokémon to fully recover. The '''Critical Hit Ratio''' is also proportionately linked to puck rarity. Rarer more powerful Pokémon will have a lower Critical Hit Ratio compared to that of weaker ones. Successfully landing a Critical Hit will have 120% effectiveness. '''Movement''' determines how quickly a Pokémon will move on-screen when pucks are moved. Pokémon can either be slow, normal, or fast. Some Pokémon may also have a '''Secret Power''', which gives a small Attack or Defense bonus depending on their position of the field.
With the Battrio V upgrade, all stats are now displayed on the reverse of the puck - only '''Level''' is displayed on the front, which gives a rough indication as to Pokémon's strength. Attack and Defense remain colored red and blue respectively, but Speed is recolored green and is more akin to the original Movement stat than Attack speed. Stats are now displayed in blocks ranging from 1-10, as opposed to 5. ByPlayers reachingwith aMemory certainKeys levelcan take advantage of typethe proficiencynew throughLevel battling,mechanic playersby withincreasing Memory[[Type Keys(Battrio)#Type canLevels|Type takeLevels]] advantagethrough use of thePokémon newof Levela mechanicparticular type, and "over-level" theira Pokémon of that type to increase theirits stats, as indicated by the yellow blocks on the reverse of the puck. All pucks also have an additional '''Feature''', which usually involves the use of other pucks to activate bonuses. Hidden stats Cost, Critical Hit Ratio, and Secret Power are no longer included on pucks from the Battrio V upgrade. Exhaustion is still present, but it is unknown how this is now calculated. New hidden stats include '''Berry Gauge''', which is graded from 1-5 and determines how many Berries a Pokémon requires to attack, and '''Team Gauge''', which is graded from 1-6 and determines how easily collecting Berries will fill up the Team Gauge; 6 requiring more to fill compared to 1.
====Types and moves====
{{main|Type (Battrio)}}
A Pokémon's type is indicated by the symbol to the left of the puck name on the upper segment. Its type determines what move types it will be weak against or resistant to in battle. The 17 types featured in Pokémon Battrio are the same as those found in the main series Pokémon games, as well as their individual strengths and weaknesses. Notable type additions include the Full-Plate and Eleven-Plate, both of which are used exclusively on {{p|Arceus}} pucks, in relation to the [[plate]]s that can be attached to it in the main series.
| align="center" width="40px" style="background: #{{white color}}" | [[File:Battrio icon HP.png|30px]]
| style="font-size:90%; background: #{{white color light}}" | If aAll Pokémon is chosen as leader,in the othersame twoteam Pokémon on its side ofas the fieldleader are given a moderate HP boost based on puck rarity
| align="center" width="40px" style="background: #{{white color}}" | [[File:Battrio icon attack.png|30px]]
| style="font-size:90%; background: #{{white color light}}" | If aAll Pokémon is chosen as leader,in the othersame twoteam Pokémon on its side ofas the fieldleader are given a moderatean attack boost based on puck rarity
| align="center" width="40px" style="background: #{{white color}}" | [[File:Battrio icon defense.png|30px]]
| style="font-size:90%; background: #{{white color light}}" | If aAll Pokémon is chosen as leader,in the othersame twoteam Pokémon on its side ofas the fieldleader are given a moderate defense boost based on puck rarity
| align="center" width="40px" style="background: #{{white color}}; {{roundybl|7px}}" | [[File:Battrio icon speed.png|30px]]
| style="font-size:90%; background: #{{white color light}}; {{roundybr|7px}}" | If aAll Pokémon is chosen as leader,in the othersame twoteam Pokémon on its side ofas the fieldleader are given a moderate speed boost based on puck rarity
{{main|Special Abilities (Battrio)}}
Debuting in the ''{{Battrio|Giratina Tremor}}'' expansion, Special Abilities can provide additional benefits for the team. Pokémon with Special Abilities are identified by the presence of an icon in the center of the upper segment of the puck. Initially only two Special Abilities were introduced; this was expanded to six with the Battrio 0 upgrade and the addition of '''Leader Abilities'''.
DebutingThe in the ''{{Battrio|Giratina Tremor}}'' expansion,original Special Abilities canwere provideno additionallonger benefitssupported forwith the team.Battrio PokémonV withupgrade, Specialbut Abilitiesnew areones identifiedbegan byto thebe presenceintroduced of an icon inwith the centerrelease of the upper segment of the puck. Initially only two Special Abilities were introduced; this was expanded to six with the ''{{Battrio|Burning 0Wings upgrade- and the addition ofCold Fangs}}'''Leader Abilities'''expansion. AThe Pokémontable designated as leader will activate its ability upon commencement of the battle. Toto the right is a table ofdisplays the different Special Abilities Pokémon may have. Belowover isthe a list of status effects that Support Moves can inflict, four of which share similarities with [[status ailment]]system's in the core gameslifespan.
{| class="expandable" width="50%"
'''Support Move effects'''
*'''Paralysis:''' A Pokémon inflicted with paralysis will move more slowly than normal and cannot pick up any Berries.
*'''Slow-footed:''' All Pokémon on the opposing team will move more slowly than normal.
*'''Sleep:''' A Pokémon cannot be selected to attack for the turn after it was inflicted with sleep.
*'''Confusion:''' A Pokémon inflicted with confusion will move more quickly than normal in random directions and is more difficult to select if attacking.
*'''Poison:''' The HP of the opposing team will decrease while any opposing Pokémon move.
The original Special Abilities were no longer supported with the Battrio V upgrade, but new ones began to be introduced with the release of the ''{{Battrio|Burning Wings - Cold Fangs}}'' expansion.
===Puck positioning===
====Prior to Battrio 0====
Before the actual battle phase, there is a pre-battle period indicated by a time bar in which players can arrange the positions of their Pokémon on the field. From the Battrio S upgrade onwards, Berries will also drop randomly on each side of the field that players can move their Pokémon over to collect and increase their '''[[Special Abilities (Battrio)#Berries|Fervor Gauge]]''' (see Battling).
When individual pucks are positioned in the various "arrangements" detailed below, those Pokémon will gain a small Attack or Defense increase that may give them an edge in battle. Specific groups of Pokémon together on the field can also activate [[Battrio combos|combo bonuses]], typically those of an [[Evolution|evolutionary line]] or related [[legendary Pokémon]].
Unlike Pokémon battles in the core games, the HP displayed on each puck is used to create one overall HP bar, as opposed to belonging to individual Pokémon. The way in which battles are conducted depends on the version of Pokémon Battrio the console is running, but will end once either the HP of one player is depleted or if time is up. In the instance of battles reaching the allotted time, the winner is decided by the player with the most HP remaining. Winning in battles earns the player moneymedals to spend in-game on various {{Battrio|items}} and increases type experience (Type Levels), relative to the types of the Pokémon used in the battle.
During battle there is no limit as to how many times a particular Pokémon in each team can be used, but after participating in one round, it will suffer as a result of exhaustion. Pokémon affected by exhaustion are identified by sweat droplets by their name and receive a reduction in stats, therefore it is generally advisable to use the remaining team members before resorting to use Pokémon that have already participated.
====In Battrio S====
Battrio S gave a major overhaul in terms of damage calculation in battles. Instead of basing this off the greatest value, it is based on the ''difference'' between the Attack of the attacking player's Pokémon and the Defense of the defending player's Pokémon. Additional bonuses such as those mentioned above then come into effect. Support Moves, which activate randomly may also provide their effects at this stage. In Battrio S, collecting Berries during the pre-battle period also provides a '''Berry Bonus''' to the Pokémon attacking. Each Berry provides a +5 Attack bonus, and each Pokémon can collect up to 8 Berries for a maximum bonus of +40. If a Pokémon has a Berryany {{Battrio|Special AbilityAbilities}}, athese largealso Berryactivate willat randomlythis spawn that is worth four times that of a normal Berrytime. After a Pokémon has attacked, all Berries collected in the previous pre-battle period are reset. '''Cheering''', again only present in Battrio S, adds small amounts to Attack/Defense by pressing the confirm button in a timely manner when prompted during damage calulation. Another new feature introduced in Battrio S was '''Fervor''', which acts as a damage multiplier. The Fervor Gauge is present under the HP bar and can be filled by collecting Berries that randomly appear during the pre-battle period between player's turns. Filling the gauge will increase Fervor by 0.5x increments up to a maximum of 4x, which can have a pivotal effect in damage calculation. The difference in damage is then dealt to the HP bar of the player who lost the battle.
====In Battrio 0====
Collecting Berries will also fill up the '''Team Gauge'''. For teams of Pokémon that have the same spin colors, filling the Team Gauge up to the point indicated by a colored puck will allow the player to perform a '''{{Battrio|Spin Attack}}'''. For teams of Pokémon that have the same base puck colors, filling the Team Gauge up to the point indicated by the '''Advent''' symbol will summon one of a selection of powerful Pokémon depending on the base color.
Upon==Game winning a certain amount of matches, players may also gain the ability to activate '''V Power''' in their next battle. V Power increases the rate at which Berries are dropped on the player's side of the field, allowing them to fill up their Berry Gauges and Team Gauge faster.modes==
==Game Modes==
[[File:BattrioShop.jpg|thumb|220px|The Shop features an assortment of useful battle items.]]
Pokémon Battrio features a number of ways to battle in an array of battle modes.
* '''Versus:''' The simplest way to get into Battrio is to have a single round VS match against a computer-controlled opponent or against a second player using the 2P section of the arcade machine. As of Battrio V, there is an introduction tutorial from the main menu.
* '''Adventure:''' In Adventure mode, the player can choose an avatar from several different Trainer designs and participate in stage-based battles against CPU opponents. Opponents get more difficult as the player progresses. Boss Trainers may also be encountered along the way, akin to [[Gym Leader]]s from the main series Pokémon games. This mode is no longer supported in Battrio V.
* '''Battrio Tower:''' Introduced in the Battrio 0 upgrade, Battrio Tower is designed to be the ultimate test of skill as players are challenged to climb the tower and reach the top. Each floor has one Trainer with a set team of Pokémon (some floors may instead have a Pokémon that leads its own team), each one becoming progressively difficult as the Tower is climbed. Initially, Battrio Tower consisted of 100 floors. This was increased to 250 floors following the release of ''{{Battrio|Challenging the Myths}}'', again to 400 floors with the release of ''{{Battrio|Mewtwo Awakening}}'', and finally to 9991000 floors with the release of ''{{Battrio|Great Decisive Battle! Legendary Pokémon}}''. This mode bears some similarities to the various [[Battle Tower]]s in many of the [[Version|main series]] games.
* '''Challenge Battle:''' Also introduced in the Battrio 0 upgrade, Challenge Battles are designed to test a player's knowledge of different Pokémon and their capabilities. Each round has one Trainer with a set team, often featuring a particularly powerful Pokémon, and a pre-selected team of Pokémon for the player to use. There is often a certain strategy players must discover when competing in Challenge Battles. This mode is similar to the various challenges found on [[Battle CD]]s from {{g|XD: Gale of Darkness}}. This mode is no longer supported in Battrio V.
* '''Battrio Stadium:''' Introduced in the Battrio V upgrade, players face straight battles against Trainers until they quit or lose. Players can choose to face Normalnormal or Strongtough opponents depending on their skill level. Players using Memory Keys can also participate in '''V Battles''' by getting four consecutive wins, in which they face aTrainers toughwith Trainera with'''[[Items (Battrio)#V Powers|V Power]]''' activated.
* '''Shop/Gachagacha:''' The {{tt|Shop|Battrio S to Battrio 0}} or {{tt|Gachagacha|Batrio V}} can be accessed between battles in any game mode and can be used to purchase useful {{Battrio|items}} that may aid the player with moneymedals they earn from participating in battles. Items include but are not limited to: various [[Potion]]s that refill a percentage of the HP bar; damage multiplier bonuses that are immediate upon starting a battle; a token that allows the player to activate Advent at any time during a battle, and; the ability to upgrade the experience level of a type.
===Memory Keys===
'''Memory Keys''' (Japanese: '''メモリーキー''' ''Memory Key'') are memory-saving devices that are inserted into the arcade console. Sold at a retail price of about ¥600, while they are not necessary in order to play the game, they become essential for progressing through some modes.
Memory Keys allow players to select an {{Battrio|avatar}} from a number of Trainer designs and name it, becoming their profile for all battles undertaken whilst the Memory Key is plugged in the console. The Memory Key keeps track of wins/losses, moneymedals earned, items obtained, experience levels ofType typesLevels, and progress in game modes. It also has an LCD screen that players can view several of their stats on without having to plug it into the console. The screen can display theindividual currentType experience level of each typeLevels by scrolling along the symbols on the screen, the player's current moneymedal total, medals earned in game modes, and their current floor in Battrio Tower.
[[File:Memory Key Pachirisu color.png|thumb|200px|left|A "{{p|Pachirisu}}-color" Memory Key from the Battrio S upgrade]]
Memory Keys are available in various different colors including the standard red or blue, and various {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}-themed color schemes, which generally tie in with puck expansion releases.
==Puck Setssets==
There are currently {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Pucks by Pokémon name}} different Pokémon featured in Battrio across {{#expr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Battrio expansion sets}} - 2}} expansion sets, plus promotional pucks and a reprint set.
File:Psycho Cut Battrio.png|{{p|Gallade}} using {{m|Psycho Cut}}.
File:Rock Throw Battrio.png|{{p|Onix}} using {{m|Rock Throw}}.
File:Battrio combo.png|{{p|Grotle}}, {{p|Monferno}} and {{p|Prinplup}} activating a combo.
File:Advent Dialga Palkia.png|Dialga and Palkia.