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The episode begins the same way as {{game|Red and Green|s}}, down to the style of the images and the sound. A {{p|Nidorino}} and a {{p|Gengar}} are exchanging attacks in a {{pkmn|battle}}. After Nidorino dodges Gengar's attack, it leaps at it. At the same time, the [[Pokémon games|game]] starts to come to life, with the small frame enlarging into the entire screen, and the monochrome [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon]] fading into color.
The two are battling in a stadium at the [[Pokémon League]], watched by crowds of fans. Gengar dodges Nidorino's {{m|Horn Attack}}, and then jumps on its head to make an opening to put it to sleep with {{m|Hypnosis}}. As Nidorino falls {{status|Sleep|asleep}}, its Trainer recalls it into its [[Poké ballBall]], and then throws out another to take its place. The Gengar jumps back as an {{p|Onix}} comes out. It tries to {{m|Tackle}} into Gengar head-first, but misses and hits the battlefield instead. It pulls back up, unfazed.
This battle is being watched on television by a boy from [[Pallet Town]] named [[Ash Ketchum]]. He is now ten years old, which means he can become a [[Pokémon Trainer]]. Tomorrow, he will receive a [[starter Pokémon]] from {{an|Professor Oak}} and start his Pokémon journey, the first step on the long quest of his dream of becoming a [[Pokémon Master]].