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Dragons Exalted (TCG)

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Like every set since {{TCG|Next Destinies}}, the expansion features locations around [[Unova]], focusing on [[N's Castle]] and the Unova {{un|Pokémon League}}. This is most evident through the set's artwork; for example, {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Houndour|74}} can be found in [[N's Castle]] and {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Gyarados|24}} is depicted outside the Pokémon League. These aren't the only locations featured throughout the set as {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Hoppip|1}} is outside [[Dragonspiral Tower]] and {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Aipom|99}} is in N's Playroom.
The {{TCG|Prerelease cards|Prerelease promo}} is {{TCG ID|BW Promo|Altaria|48}} from the {{TCG|BW Black Star Promos}}. This card erroneously credits the illustrator as [[HiRON]] when the actual illustrator for this print is [[5ban Graphics]]. {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Magmortar|21}} is printed with an alternate artwork than the one released in the Japanese Dragon Blade. Additionally, {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Hoppip|1}} was erroneously printed with Skiploom's {{game|Black and White|s}} [[Pokédex]] entry. The Hoppip error was corrected by the time of the {{merch|Black & White|Keldeo Box}} in October 2012.
Officially, the English release of the set contains 124 cards. Between alternate holofoils, promotional stamps, reverse holofoils, and Secret cards, the set contains 246 cards (not including [[error cards]]). A list of the non standard cards can be seen below.