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** Now, if a player does not log in for more than 100 days, the Berries in their Treasure Chest will be converted to Dream Points over time, but one of each type will always be left behind.
** Players now only have to wait 20 hours before they can access the Dream World again.
* InOn AugustSeptember 201225, 2012 the numberDream ofWorld Dream{{n|Global_Link_to_undergo_maintenance|underwent Palsmaintenance}} ato playerprepare canfor have[[Pokémon increasedBlack toand White Versions 2|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2]] international 30launch.
* On October 3, 2012, the Dream World came back online but shortly went back into unplanned maintenance until October 10, 2012
** "Game Pals" can be visited in-game by clicking "Check Game Pals" in your Dream Pal map
** The number of rows a player can have in their garden was increased from 5 to 10
** The number of Dream Pals a player can have was increased from 20 to 50
** The amount of Dream Pal requests possible per Game Sync was increased from 3 to 5
** "You can now tuck in some Pokémon that were previously unavailable" ({{p|Keldeo}}, {{p|Meloetta}}, and {{p|Genesect}} have been confirmed)
** "You can find a greater number of Pokémon or items on the Island of Dreams each time you use Game Sync"
** "The Player Locator on the Dream Pal Map shows players who recently visited the Pokémon DW"