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'''At Virbank Gym'''
* Before battle
: ''"Get ready! I'm gonna knock some sense outta ya!"''
* During battle (the first non-KO hit)
: ''"I can feel your desire to win pouring out of you!"''
* After sending out last Pokémon
: ''"It's not over yet! Time to turn this show around for a victory!"''
* When defeated
: ''"Wait! I was right in the middle of the chorus!"''
* After being defeated
: ''"Sigh! What are you doing losing, Roxie?! Well…I guess that means you're strong! This stinks, but I gave it everything I had, and I feel revitalized and refreshed now!"''
: ''"Here! Proof that you beat me! Two Badges! Now Pokémon up to Lv. 30, even Pokémon you got in trades, will realize how good you are and won't ignore your commands!"''
: ''"Also, here! Use this TM! [[TM09]] is {{m|Venoshock}}! It covers the target in a special poisonous liquid! Even better, if your target's already poisoned, it does double damage! Heh heh! It almost packs too much of a punch!"''
==In the anime==