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{{Trainerentry|GenIBugcatcherSpr RG Bug Catcher.png|Bug Catcher||60|2|013|Weedle||6||010|Caterpie||6|||}}
{{Trainerentry|GenIBugcatcherSpr RG Bug Catcher.png|Bug Catcher||70|3|013|Weedle||7||014|Kakuna||7||013|Weedle||7|||}}
{{Trainerentry|GenIBugcatcherSpr RG Bug Catcher.png|Bug Catcher||90|1|013|Weedle||9|||}}
=== Pokémon ===
:Every location where the player can obtain a Pokémon, wild or gift, should include the Catch templates pulled directly from the location's page. Exclude any data that is irrelevant to the current guide (Pokémon found only in Emerald can be left out of the Ruby/Sapphire guide, and vice-versa). Also, each table should be listed with the highest encounter rate first, and decreasing from there. If multiple species have the same rate, they should then be listed in National Dex order.