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* In [[Generation V]], all Elite Four members' type specialties have been used exactly twice in Elite Four of other regions. The Indigo Elite Four used all of them, spread in its two variations (with a {{type|Fighting}} specialist in both), the Hoenn Elite Four has {{t|Dark}}- and {{type|Ghost}} specialists, and the Sinnoh Elite Four has a {{type|Psychic}} specialist.
* [[Pokémon Puzzle League]] features its own Elite Four: [[Ritchie]], [[Lorelei]], [[Bruno]], and {{Gary}}. Gary serves as the leader of the Elite Four and the Puzzle League Champion.
* Lorelei &and Aaron were both met by Ash in the 99th episode of their respective series and they were the first ones met for their Elite Fours.
** They are also the first ones the player battles in their Elite Fours in the games.