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==={{chap|Red, Green & Blue}}===
*''Round 15, [[PS015|Wartortle Wars]]''
:Green shows a flirtatious attitude towards Red in their early encounters. The first time they meet, Green compliments how she was "excited to see him battling." She also hugs him, winks at him, and blows him kisses and calls him things like "sweetie-pie" throughout. It should be noted that this continues even after there was no need to act in such a way around Red, she as well did things like this with Blue.
:Green tricks Red into buying her items that would make his Pokémon stronger by acting like his admirer. Later, Red is talking to his Pokémon about it, commenting on how he could tell she liked him, and how she is his age. He also mentions that she must be 'mature' for her age because she is starting a business by herself. Showing a clear attraction at the time, he keeps his mind on her until a {{p|Pinsir}} interrupts.
:Realizing that he was scammed by her after battling the Pinsir, Red searches for her to receive his money back. When he notices Green selling her wares to others, Red attempts to chase her. She begins to tear up and tricks him again, telling Red the only reason she scammed Red was to "see him again" and starts hugging Red. It turns out to be a ruse (made obvious to the reader) and Red manages to knock out Green, leaving her next to a tree saying that she will "wake up soon," and leaves her. Unfortunately, Green manages to steal his two badges, which forces Red to pursue her again. He later realizes that Team Rocket was after her too because she stole a disc, causing Red to sneak in to see what Team Rocket is up to along with her.
*''Round 16, [[PS016|Tauros the Tyrant]]''