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|epname=Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
|vaen=Tom Wayland
|desc=Paul's {{p|Gastrodon}} first made its appearance in ''[[DP186|Familiarity Breeds Strategy!]]''. It battled against [[Ash's Staraptor]] where it proved to be a tough opponent, even using Muddy Water as a [[Counter Shield]]. However, it was beaten by [[Ash's Buizel]] after Ash recalled Staraptor. It was the second Pokémon used by Paul. It was one of the two Pokémon used by Paul to uncover Ash's strategy, the other being Aggron. Just as Magmar/Magmortar was likely choosen to replace his Chimchar, so too it is likely that Gastrodon was choosen to replace Azumaril.
Gastrodon's known moves are {{m|Muddy Water}}, {{m|Body Slam}}, {{m|Water Pulse}}, and {{m|Ice Beam}}.}}