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| name={{PK}}{{MN}}a{{PK}}{{MN}}ゥ ♂ f{{PK}}{{MN}}k
| image=RBGlitch205 b.png
| size=56px
| caption=[[File:RBGlitchNameD8.png]]'s back sprite (front sprite causes game crash)
| ndex=205
| typen=2
| hex=D8
| mewspecial=216
| lv100exp=1000000
| johtoguard={{p|Natu}}
| generation=1
[[File:RBGlitchNameD8.png]] is a dual-type {{2t|Normal|Ground}} [[Glitch Pokémon]] found in {{game|Red and Blue|s}}. It can be obtained by performing the [[Johto guard glitch]] with {{p|Natu}}. When using the corresponding special stat in the Mew glitch, the player will instead fight a Cue Ball that has a [[File:RBGlitchNameD8.png]], when sent out, causes all values to become 9 and makes the player's Pokémon [[Poison (status ailment)|poisoned]]. The game eventually [[game freeze|freezes]] though.
If [[File:RBGlitchNameD8.png]] is caught, the overworld sprite of a water Pokémon ([[File:MS Aquatic I.png]]) will go down the screen and to the left infinitely until it goes off screen.
==Game data==
fimage=RBGlitch205.png |
fsize=56px |
bimage=RBGlitch205 b.png |
bsize=56px |
mimage=MS Bird I.png |
msize=16px |
typen=2 |
===Pokédex entry===
[[File:rd8dex.png|thumb|center|[[File:RBGlitchNameD8.png]]'s Pokédex entry]]