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Appendix:HeartGold and SoulSilver walkthrough/Section 4

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Azalea Town
[[File:Azalea Gym HGSS.png|thumb|Azalea Gym]]
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The [[Azalea Gym]] has undergone quite a few changes since the days of Gold and Silver. This time around, the Gym is divided into three separate platforms (entrance, center, and rear), and Trainers must ride the spider-themed karts over webs made of rope to reach the Gym Leader. It may seem confusing, but the karts will always make the first turn they come to. To reach the first junior Trainer (Bug Catcher Al), step on the center kart; otherwise, take the left one to the center platform to fight Bug Catcher Benny. To battle Bug Catcher Josh, flip the blue lever and step on the kart. Ride the kart back to the center platform, and flip the blue switch again, before riding it to the northwest to fight Twins Amy & May. Flip the blue switch by the twins, and ride the kart south, where you'll flip the red switch. Step on the kart again to reach [[Bugsy]] at the rear of the Gym.
Heal up at the Poké Center after the battle, and head into the forest.
== Ilex Forest ==