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[[Image:Tomo Sakurai.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Tomo Sakurai]]
'''Tomo Sakurai''' (Japanese: '''トモ桜井''' ''Tomo Sakurai'', born, September 10, 1971) is a Japanese voice actress for the Pokémon anime. TheirHer most important role in Pokémon is the voice of Cynthia.
She was born on 10 september ofSeptember 1971 in the city of Ichikawa in Chiba Prefecture in Japan.
At the age of 14, Sakurai debuted as a sub-member for "KISS Fairlies,", a group that worked as campaign girls for KIJIMA Motorcycle Racing Team(, a Japanese company). She iswas the youngest from the group, every other member being 15 years old.
At 17 years old, she joined the idol pop unit, Lemon Angel, another project of Cream Lemon coordinated by the same company that produced "KissKISS Fairlies". The unit played in Midnight Anime Lemon Angel. She released five albums during her time in Lemon Angel.
Sakurai joined a new videogame idol unit and released only one album with this group. After this, she focused her career on mainly voice acting work.
==Famous non-Pokémon roles==
* Misao Makimachi - ({{wp|Rurouni Kenshin}})
* Marin- - Akazukin Chacha
* Codemaster Amzen - Chaotic
* Shayla Shayla - El Hazard
* Mylene Jenius - Macross 7
* Lena Sayers - Mai Otome
* Kamiya Kaoru - ({{wp|Rurouni Kenshin}}) (audio drama)
* Meimi, a.k.a. Saint Tail - Saint Tail
* Chigusa Sakai - Shakugan no Shana
* Sara - Shamanic Princess